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Three Sixty Five

Completing 365 days on this blog… Still deranged, still writing!

Happy DW Birthday to us!! 

And, all of you who have been here from the start, joined in after, and are here now… We love you!!

Before we go out and celebrate (Champagne for me all the way) we’ll leave you with some of our favourite lyrics from one of our mutually favourite foot-tapping, hip shaking, body swaying songs. Video below.

Thank you for being here on this special day.



See the money wanna stay
For your meal
Or say it’s gonna put some love
In your life

Don’t ya really want to know
How it feel
Everybody wanna see
What it’s like

People wanna be inside
It ain’t lies
We all know there’s better things in this life

Yes I’ll step out for your last dance
On the greenback boogie
Motherfucking boogie



18 thoughts on “Three Sixty Five”

  1. Happy Birthday to You & All those connected in making this a SUCESS. Dedication Passion Commitment and Most Important Ingredient Lots Of Cheerful & Colourful Love. Result.
    Journey of Ups & Downs. Coming through for Each Other. Giving Delivering Interesting Read to Your Readers.
    YOU ALL Deserve Dancing Partying and all the RazZMaTTaz.
    Happy Birthday To You All in DerangedWriter’s Lounge.
    :-). 😉 😀
    Have A slice of ‘Death by Chocolate ‘ with lashing of Double Cream.
    Go on CELEBRATE. YOU All Deserve It.
    Be Happy. Be Safe.

    PS:- Music Maestro

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  2. Oh somebody better open that bubbly , this calls for major celebrations.

    365 days of awesomeness ,soul and peace. This has been an incredible ride and wish you guys many more years of glory and love.

    It’s been an honour and a privilege ,through and through, to read you guys and to hear fabulous opinions of the readers.

    I feel so teary-eyed right now. But well lets call the DJ and play some hot music while getting the boys out for entertainment.

    Woohooo love, hugs and big Thank you.

    You guys have made this place super special

    Muah Girlies, relax and savour in the accolades.

    And fellow readers- Abhi toh party shuru hui hai.



  3. Hey … Congrats … Happy bday deranged writers … My journey with started just a mnth bak .. N 2 say tht im truely enjoyn every moment of itvwould be an understatement … Love ur posts … All of thm … The serious ones as well as the funny ones … Thy r truely amazing … Love reading thm … Now tym 2 actualy pop up the bubbly
    Would love 2 also be a part of ur lounge n read more of ur works … Thts if im eligible …. Thank u


  4. Happy Three Sixty Five to you, ladies.
    May this success multiply a thousand times.
    You are some of the best writers I have come across and I really enjoy being on this blog and sharing so much with all the other women here.
    Anne, Chani I think I have told you both before that while most of your readers probably take this kind of global reach and access for granted, it is something I can never stop marveling at. Thank you, truly.
    Here’s to the Deranged Writers…muahs!

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  5. A toast to you ladies in DW! its been great to be part of this club even though not from the beginning! What has kept me homing to this site often has been this variety one gets depending on the mood….serious, witty, passionate, tongue-in-cheek, frivolous, emotional, nostalgic, introspective, …awesome!
    Hers to many more 365s with you!


  6. Suits! I love the movie and i love this writing team! Happy Anniversary!
    Wish that a year to have at least 500 days,and each one with a new e-mail from this wonderful writers home!Thank you!
    p.s. i was in vacation,so my mail was indeed full of surprises!


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