Anne, Chase The Duck

For the Love of Duck

When I drop my kids off for music class every Saturday morning, I usually stop by the cafeteria there, grab a coffee, then take a walk around the garden. It’s nice outside in the mornings when the beds of flowers are recently watered, lots of chirping birds around, and an abundance of green is visible everywhere, which is otherwise so rare in this city.

There are also some ducks around.

I know right? Ducks.

Anyway, I encounter these feathery guys everytime I’m there, and noticed that they’re extremely punctual about taking time out from their daily waddles to sit in the shade of one particular tree surrounded by bushes. Ten a.m sharp.

I’ve tried to get pictures in the past, but they seem to hate cell-phones, because everytime I aimed mine at them, from whatever distance, they bolted and all I got was blurry shots of duck tails.

So, today I kept my phone tucked deep in my pocket and went over to say hello. OK, no, I’ll admit I pretended I was just wandering around, oblivious, and then when I got really close, I said hello.

They were surprisingly friendly, one guy was more polite, or maybe just flirty because I noticed he seriously checked out my toes (which I don’t think he would have done if I hadn’t gotten a pedi only last week.)

I reached for my phone and why does it take so freaking long for the damn camera to function only when you need it to in a hurry? Why?

I got one blurry shot (asshole camera, seriously) and then one overly hyper duck quacked, and the rest all started to march. I snapped another picture anyway, and the Toe Inspector totally turned traitor, pretended he wasn’t flirting, and gave me this look


I’m more stubborn than webby feet flirts, so I followed them for a bit, and got another shot. This time his look was partly apologetic and also sort of suggestive.


I have decided to name him Chase T. I. Drakeston.

More on my new crush next week, if I get close enough.


Rounding up stuff on DW for the last couple of weeks:

In Pret-a-Blogger, we had Chan advising us all on GoT and dragon based fashion. If you missed Channelling the Inner Khaleesi, and want some awesome visuals, click the link.

I did a blog post review on finding a husband before you shrivel up and die, and there was something about pissy quotes too I think.

Other than that we’ve had little time to do much else online, except maybe pin some cool stuff. Also, I’m kind of fan-girling over Chani’s story Agent Provocateur these days, so I’ve started a storyboard for it on Pinterest, and am doing one for Forsaking All Others as well.

Besides that, we’ve been diligently writing our stories, because occasionally we feel like doing that. So, if you aren’t already reading our fiction in The Lounge and would like to, then click here to see how you can, otherwise email us on

Hope you all are having a great weekend, and thanks for taking the time out to stop by here.

Much love,




19 thoughts on “For the Love of Duck”

  1. Heheh Ducks, I grew up around them for as long as I remember every Sunday we would visit my granny’s farm will find them walking around. So it was good to hear and see pics abt them.

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  2. why does it take so freaking long for the damn camera to function only when you need it to in a hurry? Why?

    Lol so true and sometimes the damn camera wore rhe invisibility cloak and doesn’t show itself up. Truly annoying.

    Aww he is a handsome fellow that toe inspector do tell us more of ur visits I m having little crush on him as well.

    Pin is fun and I am watching DW’s foot print.

    Lots of love Anne thank you for arranging weekly happenings in DW
    Hugs and kisses


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  3. Hello! Nice friends you’ve made! Full of attitude:))) And territorial! Have a nice week-end you too! I will celebrate my son’s birthday,18 ,suppose to be mature by now,but with such a mother….Poor fellow!
    I’ve read all the posts above,for some i’m too old to comprehend,or i’m not in touch with such subjects(fashion,i’m sorry)i have read first 3 books of George Martin,not seen the movie.i have tried to stay in touch with new generations books,because my son is an avid reader.He says he read ,to learn how to speak.anyway,i diverted from theme,so ,thanks and i’m waiting for reading more,wish you,all ,a good beginning of Fall!
    p.s.the red underline is killing me!!!

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  4. That was a hilarious post Anne! Loved your experience. Your persistentess to get a snap of Mr.Chase T. I. Drakeston reminded me of certain similar experiences of mine. Oh btw, I wanted to convey that other day I was thinking about your Des. Can’t recall now what exactly made me remember him but just wanted to tell you that I miss him and that story..I have to check out Pinterest updates…busy at work…hence not getting much time..will drop by when time permits…take care..

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  5. Lucky man Chase T. I. Drakeston, he got a toe look!

    Uni had so many ducks and herons but usually I am such a chicken that rather than responding to the mate calls , I ran to the library . Sigh , if only I knew they could be as handsome as our Chase- would have booed, hooked and kissed one. Atleast Princeton Mom would have been proud of this 20 something.

    Had no clue about pininterest. Checking it now. Otherwise I am just fangirling about DW- btw Chani’s pret-a-blogger is making me drool soo much.

    FAO and AP shit got some really sexy, serious and mysterious!!

    Love and hugs for an awesome chase-worthy run on the blog!!

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  6. Hello Anne,
    Beware of Chase T I Drakeston.
    Please do not annoy him He can turn just like that.
    Let’s see how You build Your Relation with Him.
    Used to take kids to feed them with stale white bread. Once I took Brown bread and wo put their nose up and sort of looked at me.
    ‘Whats up with you woman What don’t You understand Where is the White Bread.’ They just Waddled Away.
    But have to be honest I do like them. I collect anything ‘Ducky’
    I know I have lost it.
    Loved ‘Rewrite ‘
    Definitely Happy to be Back


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  7. Ducks are pretty inquisitive creatures … be thankful that your toes were not snipped hard as some ducks tend to bite hard … it’s really cute to see them waddling around … am so happy that you managed to click some pictures …
    Ps … the thought blurbs of Chase T. I. Drakeston are really cool … I suppose anyone seeing Anne would end up with not-so-holy-thoughts … 😉

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  8. The phone camera never works when you need it instantly. As for the pedicure , yes, seriously all women should have a pedicure, you never know when you run into a duck, or any other gorgeous looking species 🙂
    FOA and AP are getting interesting and hot as the stories are progressing. I miss Ne’er the Rose and hope you do write more and I get to read more of it and your other stories

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  9. The only tym i remember watching ducks was whn v wr much younger n used 2 go boating . Had a lake n r colony … Can u believe tht … Now toh cant c anythn more than buildings n heaps of garbage … God knows the last tym v took r kids boating 4 fear of thm catchn some infection n the dirty water … But liked ur article nonethe less … Riminded of older tyms

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  10. Maybe I’m the only one who read duck as f@#% not once but a few times. And imagine the surprise on reading what your post was actually about.

    Hilarious. Random. And, quite an unexpected post.

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  11. Ducks…gave me nostalgia. Nw I am studying in the city no ducks nothing here but back in my village near my aunt’s house , full of rice fields and lots and lots of ducks. Thousands of them moving together wss a sight to see


  12. The phone camera never works…NEVER F—ING EVER!! And when it does, I click the bloody selfie button and find my own ugly mug staring back at me! Now I’m too traumatized to attempt it.

    Chase sounds like a fun guy, Anne. But be careful not to get too friendly the first few times you guys meet. Don’t want to send him the wrong signals. Gotta make him sweat a bit first…

    I guess I’m lucky. I live opposite a park where there are ducks, geese and rabbits. But now that my kids are all grown up the only time I get to see them when little nephews and nieces are visiting.

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  13. This is going to sound so bad but when I saw the post title… I was like … This is DEFINITELY about food. Duck in a meal. Now before you go ewww, let me clear it up – I’m a veggie a shudh shakahari, but being around a hubby who likes roast duck, food is the first thing I associate ducks with these days. Anyways, I digress 😉 xx


  14. Chase is handsome, though looks like a goose than a duck. But great pics from your phone…impressed! Envy you that pasttime of going to a park or lake & enjoying….just being there! Caught up in just following a daily routine without realizing the banality of it.


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