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These Quotes Prove How Awesome I Am

There have been a number of studies done, which show how narcissism is on the rise within the realms of social media, as well as how social skills in young people seem to be getting stunted (although, I personally think it’s happening in old people too if that is even possible.)

Most people are aware of this, and we certainly see enough of it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. so much so it has now just become common, and maybe about as irritating as a fly which won’t buzz off, but there is nothing we can do because we’re too busy playing Candy Crush and other important social media games.

Note: I used to be addicted to Bejewelled Blitz a few years ago, till my eyes nearly fell out of my face. Now, I don’t play online games because I’ve been emotionally scarred by that experience.

When I’m on Facebook, I’m able to skim past the crappy ‘me, me, me’ status updates, the pointless selfies, the validation seeking but not quite self-deprecating enough BitStrips cartoons (you do not look like that, it is not cute how you think you look like that, and there is a brown skin colour option in there all you people of the east!)

However, the quote trend is something I’ve always liked. It makes me stop long enough to read, because let’s admit, quotes are usually prettier to look at in image form and do hold someone’s attention more than your baby on a potty for the six hundredth time might.

Also, I like quotes.

I’ve noticed though, over time, that not all (OK a majority) of these quotes are nice, and mostly hold a note or more of narcissism, as well as outright belittling of others.

More and more, they seem to be saying “I am awesome, you are not, and this quote proves it.”

Here are some I’ve come across in the last week alone.


Was there really a need for the ‘Because?’ – Does it ever occur to people like this that others probably do understand, but just have nothing they feel they can say back? Or,  that your whining is just so annoying they wish you’d just stop but are too polite to say so?

There is no need to look for validation if you’ve decided to keep silent about some god-awful problem you are having. However, moaning to the whole world how martyrly silentful you’re being, is not being silent.

8fb549544cdf7aa3675331c38b643c16Here’s a thought. What if life was about more than just something so ridiculous?


Well, whoop de do! I’d give you a medal, but I’m fresh out.

Also… Liar!

loves-you-truely-quote-love-quotes-pictures-sayings-pics-imagesHE WILL NOT COME BACK JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE GUILTING HIM ON FACEBOOK!

scale.phpGet help. Now. Please.


You must be such an awesome friend to have right? I’ll bet all your friends are so grateful to have perfect you in their lives.

imagesI don’t even know what to say to this kind of garbage.

What is the world coming to if no one is really willing to take responsibility for their own actions in anything? Why does it always have to be about how awesome we are, but if only this idiotic world would notice our virtues and struggles? Or, how the relationship went to shit because the other person was full of shit while we were so saintly and perfect? Or, the friendship ended because the other person was self-serving and demanding and made us only sacrifice our time, our patience, our energy, our everything which we willingly did because again… Saint!

It’s unhealthy to constantly think this way, it’s definitely narcissistic, not to mention passive aggressive, and downright annoying. This menace needs to stop. Now. This is not about you.

It’s about me, and how my fondness for quotes is being threatened.


14 thoughts on “These Quotes Prove How Awesome I Am”

  1. Oh Anne…now this is an interesting line of thought..I have never thought about the narcissism quotient in the quotes.. I remember few years back, when FB was getting popular, one of my colleague had suggested to me that I refrain from posting quotes of my liking randomly because people might misunderstand and think I might be going through some depressing times…and I had rolled my eyes at her. But later, when I had posted some romantic quotes, few of my cousins and aunties flooded my comment box with teasing questions, and if it was some sad quote then the questions would be ‘what happened’ ‘what’s wrong’…finally I gave up sharing the quotes in social networks but kept collecting quotes which I felt good to my mind..

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  2. As usual Anne, you never fail to bring a grin to my face with these… ermm, ramblings? (haha ducking that shoe coming my way!) okay okay, these thoughts!!

    I will ignore what you said about Bejeweled Blitz and some BitStrip thingies on Facebook because that will then reveal just how OLD (gasp) I am to all the young readers here.

    The quotes…hilarious if you really think about the person who comes up with them or those who actually believe them.

    The “I, me, myself” people who truly believe the world revolves around them and their needs, wants and feelings. And who are more than happy to pass the buck when the shit hits the fan or blame their own inadequacies on others, be they parents, siblings, friends or co-workers. Because they themselves are just too awesome to be wrong –ever.

    PS: did you just say something bad about the social skills of old people?

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  3. Very complex topic. Social Media has encouraged what Freud would call the “hedgehog dilemma”. That is, humans are like hedgehogs in the winter: they need to get close to each other to cope with the cold, but they cannot get too close without hurting each other with their spines. Human beings need other’s perception about them to survive , this validation can be in any form and social media provides this opportunity without immediate damage to their real world.

    Since social media brings out human beings closer to each other even though physically far enough , it provides an opportunity to present a controlled version of your life. By showcasing witty, glamorous ,bullet-pointed versions of their lives people tend to invite constant comparisons. Social Media appears to exploit an Achilles’ heel of human nature i.e. the need for validation and assurance. And women may be especially vulnerable as for many it becomes a window to a world which they aspire to be part of but cannot.

    There is nothing wrong with seeking others’ approval, a healthy evolution of personality does depend on what people think of our behaviour. But the problem with narcissism is that ,it morphs into a relentless quest for status, which undermines other people and impairs our ability to maintain relationships. it puts enormous pressure on people to seek unrealistic goals .

    For someone with low self-esteem it is a very dangerous tool as online manifestations of narcissism may be front for a very vulnerable emotional state. Social media and the gathered validation then distorts the reality and consolidate narcissistic delusions. Like say someone who is going through a relationship mess would be emotionally vulnerable already, so that individual would strive for some internet validation from friends/people who are not present in their immediate periphery . They seek endorsement to their opinions and thoughts because they need a high from the low self esteem and emotional instability they are expressing in their current reality

    Quotes tend to act as psychologists for such individuals , albeit the one who would always provide a favourable opinion about them . They need them to justify their actions in real world. It is scary , if a personal’s wall , page or whatever shit they are on, is filled with negative quotes or just general, it gives you an idea about their emotional state. If a run-down shows a pattern of negative narcissism , I think it is time to call the real Doctor and start an intervention.

    Phew, early morning rush and Anne makes me ponder. Can the day start on any better note?. Will be back with more.

    love and hugsssss.

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    1. “Social Media appears to exploit an Achilles’ heel of human nature i.e. the need for validation and assurance. ”
      Oh, I absolutely love and agree with all you’ve said.

      “Quotes tend to act as psychologists for such individuals , albeit the one who would always provide a favourable opinion about them . ”
      Hehe this made me smile.

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  4. What???

    Are you dissing my ” I am the greatest thing on the planet post on FB???”


    How many quotes do I have to post to make you understand that?

    FB was invented so I can be a narcissistic annoying bitch and I like the quotes with the flowery backgrounds okay…


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  5. i don’t have a facebook account! but i find quite hilarious those who think their life will change just because they share some anonymous ”quotes” ! the facts matters more than words.sometimes!:) oh,Anne ,why i haven’t discover you/your site few years ago?!! maybe my life was more bearable ….like a normal life?! anyway,thank you,and rest of the girls for enlighten my day! or,better,my life!


  6. Well well Anne. It was nice to know u also feel most ppl are just self centred and it’s getting too much n tht it’s everywhere in the media it’s just tiring. And the quote don’t matter anymore.

    Am glad you shared this.

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  7. Awesome post Like always its helpful for me.I usually avoid posting such quotes but I remember one of my fb cover say BE NICE OR STAY AWAY lol ok nonetheless very very valid point and yes one thing more THE EMO pics god just talking abt them my heartbeat stopped for a small moment lol the blade cutting veins and lips etc. I mean its so horrible to see. Seriously. FB is a social networking site n one shld try not discussing their personal matters there. But again I can’t remember if I had done such things which I think I didn’t still so I will say thank u posting it. Lesson learned


    Love u loadssssss


  8. Do people really think when they post these quotes or they just do it to appear ‘cool’? Sometimes I feel even their idea of coolness might be fantastic or vague. It is too much everywhere.
    Thanks for sharing!


  9. FB has not been too much of a favorite for me except for FarmVille 🙂 till my interest in it waned off and now a bit of candy crush 🙂 …
    I for one just can’t understand how people literally live every second
    of their lives on FB … Twitter … Wassapp … or any other social media group … over that posting these quotes ! actually they give away the state of mind of the person posting them !

    Thanks Anne … have a great weekend …


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