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Channeling the Inner Khaleesi

When your nickname is “Stormborn” because you were born in a place called Dragonstone during a great storm which killed your mother and destroyed your fleet,  when you eat the raw heart of a stallion when you are pregnant to show the Dothraki women that you have the balls to be their queen and when you walk into your husbands pyre with three petrified dragon eggs and walks out of the flames with fire breathing dragons is when you know that this is a woman who’s fashion choices you must pay heed to.

I think it’s needless to say that I am a huge Game of Thrones fan and I love Khaleesi more than anyone.  I admit I spent the greater part of last season asking “isn’t she going to change out of that blue dress?” but of all the women in the story Daenerys Targaryen packs a lot of strength, style and character.

Daenerys begins “Game of Thrones” like most of its female characters, as someone to be married off so that her family can maintains its power. She marries Khal Drogo of Dothraki, and is destined to stand idly by her husband for the rest of her life. But things change and she eventually becomes his equal and this change evolves  in her clothing style, from soft clothes to warrior princess armor that means business as well as retain its sexiness and edge. She is strong and yet she has not lost the ability to feel and this reflects in the soft and hard elements of her clothes.

After the death of her own child and she becoming the mother to her dragons Khaleesi wears a lot of blue, which is perhaps fitting as that is the colour of motherhood in Qarth. Yet whatever she wears she is always battle ready and this is perhaps what I find every attractive. It’s true that we don’t need to fight armies and slay dragons on a daily basis but certainly her clothes are a whole lot cooler than ours. It is edgy without loosing its sex appeal and we can certain incorporate it’s essence to add some attitude to our day to day looks.

She wears things like ‘dragon tops’ ( and here we were thinking a crop top was bold) which has things like scales and her accessories are to die for and by that I mean her dragons. Why am I going on and on about dragons?? well I have been in a fire breathing mode lately and the timing seemed just right for this post 🙂

So without much ado here is my Danys and my lust list of Khaleesi inspired fashion.


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gisele_bundchen300 Gisele+Bundchen+Red+Carpet+Arrivals+Met+Gala+drvPRqa60wmx tumblr_lxkafaYl8w1qcsmuntumblr_m47z4bEKFf1qc9vqho1_500 tumblr_m0oakuwzFa1r7e9nzo1_400  tumblr_m396h4mCNM1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n8i66nLc7z1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n8uwwozplr1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n81d4lII9b1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n81dyiz8WK1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n81eep9Nxz1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n81gp46ry11r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n81h7nooje1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n81iw8hj9s1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n93bkeVmYq1r7e9nzo1_400tumblr_lzv8jpJyGH1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n93ca9h9qn1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n9388j6wvp1r7e9nzo1_400tumblr_n93ex9Z6Qi1r7e9nzo1_250 tumblr_n93ghk7Ay91r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n93gkgTbL71r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n93gmcVtKd1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n93gogxKC41r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n93i8ziKcY1r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n93ierR3ZG1r7e9nzo1_250 tumblr_n93is026W01r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n93k5sdkZ51r7e9nzo1_400 tumblr_n938qmvkbf1r7e9nzo1_400164944405072760040_H8cAE5hl_c8 tumblr_n9371yoPJU1r7e9nzo1_400vestido-de-couro-4


12 thoughts on “Channeling the Inner Khaleesi”

  1. Thats it , I am done.OMFG Chani doing a post on GOT!!!!!. That is on a different floor of awesomeness. Khaleesi is sooooo kickass. Although I like everything about GoT but my poor heart is kinda currently feeling for Arya andTyrion , but when you bring fashion for all things symbolizing inner Khaleesi – you have me lusting, wanting and resisting the urge to swipe the plastic thing.

    Blue is her color. But that picture of Rosie standing like that – OMGGGG that is how she owned Cannes this year. This one hardly puts her wrong fashion foot forward but boy does she not channel her inner Khaleesi so well here. i want the dress – Pucci magic – the back was super sexy. Chani – hand me this dress , plz, Love you forever.

    Gisele is a superwoman , not only she struts it on the ramp like a warrior Princess but her business acumen deserves a case study of its own. That Met number was sexy, elegant and so war ready.

    Shoes.Shoes.Shoes.Shoes. Plastic is bleeding red.

    That jacket with gold metal accents – OMG , want so bad . Like that is a Fashion in itself. Balmain?

    Muted Goddess number – Murad?, Elie Saab? Thats the dress I would wear to your coronation as fashion Queen.

    Phew , I so love this , like real love that my plastic is bleeding tears right now.

    Chani – what are you doing to my heart?

    Sigh – hugs – ok coz the hardwork you put here is sooo remarkable. details the perfect dress and the Shoes – yes the Shoes.

    Thank you and Thank you.


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  2. Hi … Have nt watched ths show but simply loved the dresses … Specially the aqua blue n gold … Its so beautiful … Love the pics … Amazing


  3. Me too me too…a total fan of game of thrones. And daenerys s of my favourite character. I loved loved her hair styling especially.
    Other one is arya stark. Strong kind and smart


  4. Have yet to see Game of Thrones … so have no idea how Khaleesi actually dresses 🙂 but these are absolutely awesome …
    specially the claw bangle and the gold necklace …


  5. It’s when I read some of your posts I realize how backward I am in the fashion world and in certain areas..and I am glad I read the posts because that’s how I get enlightened and google about what’s that you are talking about…Though I have heard about GOT, never felt that itch to check it out…you rambling about Khaleesi has intrigued me..let’s see…Oh btw, I checked out the Shades of Gray..then your’s and Anne’s posts clicked.


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