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The Wrong (Damn)Turn

This week India managed to set a new low in terms of how they view women, leave aside treat. First emerged that asinine video where a female reporter in the guise of standing up for women went around asking ” would you marry a raped girl?’ then I saw this…





The idiot photographer Raj Shetye who came up with genius idea of taking an incident of such tragic proportions which sparked a nationwide outrage and  legislative reform defended it with the choice words

“This is in no way meant to glamorize the act, which was very bad,” Shetye  “It’s just a way of throwing light on it.”

And to my utter bewilderment he went on to say this was conceptualized BEFORE the rape as if the girl who got raped plagiarized his concept.

“It’s unfortunate that I am compelled to justify my artistic expression around a social issue,” he told The Independent, then went on to say he was glad he had sparked debate on the issue.

“If the cost to set the ball-rolling here is that I have [to] be the bad guy, then [so be it].”

The columnist Jing Zhang of South China Morning Post stated “I’m really not sure if Shetye is suffering from stupidity or ignorance to think that his “contribution” to the issue of rape or general sexism and violence against women in India is constructive in anyone’s world.”  and i completely agree with her. I would have gone on to add this guy is a fucking ass.

This photo-shoot reminded me of a spread Vogue India did in 2008 which caused outrage because they used people from rural walks of life  to model high end luxury items which costs thousands of dollars. Although visually it was an interesting concept, blending luxury with real life and a direct reference to the influences of fashion, to use a child who is living in abject poverty to model a Fendi bib that could feed his family for a year was truly tragic and in deplorable taste.

vogue-india images (1) images vogue_india_august_controversy

Kanika Gahlaut, a columnist for the Mail Today denounced it as an “example of vulgarity.”

There comes a point when when morality and basic humanity and conscience should override whatever artistic visions you come up with. There are many artists very eloquently and poignantly speak about social issues through their work and are strong activists. But there is a line that must never be crossed.

I am outraged and deeply troubled because India is an important neighbor and a big player in South Asia. These recent acts in the name of standing for against violence against women and their rights only goes to show that they really do not understand the real issue. Despite all this progress it seems when it comes to women they haven’t moved much at all.


17 thoughts on “The Wrong (Damn)Turn”

  1. “It’s unfortunate that I am compelled to justify my artistic expression around a social issue,”

    First of all his so called artistic expression revolves around a social issue. Second of all, being an artist does not automatically hold him above ANY social issue. His presumption that it does, then his turn around claiming it is setting some ball rolling speaks clearly of his elitist mentality, as well as his hypocrisy. As for the whole “I am the victim/martyr here, and if this is the punishment I must bear to build awareness, then gladly I will take it like Gandhi did” bullshit makes me sick.

    The man is scum, period.

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  2. I saw this on the BW forum the other day and the insensitivity baffled me, this is a new low as far as humanity is concerned.

    Not only this artist’s alleged art undermines the serious offence but it again portrays women as the crux of the problem.

    The only ball that he wanted to roll was the one titled controversy and the internet hits certainly made him live for 2 mins in the bubble of shame.

    Have we become so numb that we can joke about the cruelty of rape in such disgraceful manner.

    Loathe the audacity of the artist if he says it happened before the horrible crime that happened to Nirbhaya. If he is credited his sick mind for conceptualizing this – then this man should be behind bars for his Psychotic thinking.

    Seconding , Anne- This man is scum- the dirtiest one at that.

    Vogue India is a joke, not only they plagiarize the cover shoots,hell sometimes they recycle their own work. That campaign was shameful, well what more can you expect from a magazine which is thick with nepotism and b-town blues.

    I am all for artistic freedom as long as it comes with a sense of responsibility.


  3. It’s unfortunate when people use anything and everything just to glorify their names and share the limelight. I am happy that many people reacted to the photos and yet wonder where did these people go when the CM of Uttar Pradesh and his stupid father gave such derogatory statements against women and defended rapists. Why didn’t they raise their voices then knowing very well it would have made a hell lot of difference as such an uproar would have reached masses … villages which supply votes to such bastards.
    India will never move forward until such politicians, photographers and scums like Asaram exist. And she doesn’t move forward only because Indians aren’t bothered enough or educated enough or smart enough to not feed such parasites.
    I am pained to actually say I don’t see any bright future for India … period.


  4. To guise a horrendous crime in the name of so called artistic expression is beyond my comprehension. How can someone present such a brutality in a so called ‘artistic’ way?? What was he thinking?


  5. OMG that is absolutely disgusting!!!! I am actually speechless!

    Artist expression my a**! How was he even allowed to do something like that in a country where it’s happening continuously! You’re right he is scum!


  6. what if he had a sister who was a victim?! i hate the fact he was capable to think of that but i wonder about those girls/boys from clip,why they accept such a shame? and his mother,what she think about?the monsters are everywhere,no matter what they have in their wallet,or in their brain(nothing,as appears)


  7. He is douchebag. But these imbecile and insensitive things make me feel ashamed, each time I read or see something about it, I bow my head flinching, this man and that reporter are a part of my society *sigh*


  8. Totally agree with u … Praying 4 some change n mind sets … But failing terribly … So cald educated ppl doin stuff like ths … What 2 expect frm others …

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  9. This photographer and his twisted thinking is just one example of the malaise that is eating up this country and it’s women and girls. I wonder was my country always this bad or are we regressing at a rapid rate?


  10. I just cannot bring myself to look past the first picture… Disgusting! Disturbing! and Unbelievable!… I hate him so much that I just want him to just keel over and die.


  11. This is pathetic simply PATHETIC. He called this artistic.

    “This is in no way meant to glamorize the act, which was
    very bad,” Shetye “It’s just a way of throwing light on it.”

    ok throwing light as if tht incident needed any

    “If the cost to set the ball-rolling here is that I have [to] be
    the bad guy, then [so be it].”

    the real is

    “if the cost to sell n earn a great amount of money n b in limelight is that I have [to] be a bastered then [so be it I already am]”

    And he changed his own words once he said he did it to throw [lime]light on the incident n on other he said he did it before it. I think then he should b the one coz his artistic move became a push for tose five men to do what they did. he instigated it n then we’ll see what he will say. I hope he keep tht artist in him alive if god fobid something like this happens to his sister or daughter. he is sick minded beep

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  12. I took few days to read this because I was troubled. When I had read Anne’s post about that YT interview, I had felt very strongly about the whole incident and it was fresh in my mind. Disgust and shame was what I felt.Then came the anger and frustration. It was around the same time I came across these photoshoot pictures. I dunno, how to put what I felt into words, may be because Nirbhaya still lingers in my mind as that incident occurred around the same time and I shifted my base to Delhi the day she died moreover the place where it happened is close by. Each time I cross that place, I feel a haunted pain and subconsciously I feel a need to be alert all the time when I live in this city alone, not only this city but when I travel alone in this country. A fear has gripped my conscious. its strange and odd, because I am a woman who has traveled across the globe, lived abroad. Never I had any problem dealing with any issue but in my country I have always always encountered issues. Uncomfortable stares, the intentional hits and pats, even in Indian govt authority offices, I have faced discrimination being a woman..I used to wonder will this country ever improve in a good way if not change? Sad but honestly I never felt safe here, now after abroad exposure, I feel caged when I am back to live in India

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  13. lets blame the world for not changing its ways in selling something, women were and will continue to be used as sexual objects

    unfortunately not only India but i would say most south asian countries are so influenced by the west without even visiting the west that they honestly believe most Asian women who were born and brought up outside its countries sleep around, get drunk and wear next to nothing

    screw the photographer I would like to ask the model did she not feel ashamed being part of this photoshoot?

    how low can one fall to earn money is beyond my understanding

    i can honestly tell u i cried my eyes out when i had heard and read up about the the Delhi rape

    i remember visiting Pakistan in 2000 I’ve not been back since then i had a huge issue with men staring at u, pushing u when walking on the street or singing pathetic bollywood songs, i was told it happens just ignore it

    the bollywood says don’t blame us my question is why not, after all don’t u support farangi dancers wearing next to nothing in ur songs?

    photoshoots like the above u mentioned question is wtf was this sad bastard thinking?

    victim and her family get tormented and ridiculed by the community why?

    indian police in certain cities still fail to lodge the complaint when a victim walks into the station asking for help instead she gets told to walk away who will marry her if this news gets out

    why have parents failed to bring their sons up to respect women?

    im so angry right now i hate how the world has become there’s no peace no love were living in a heart less world


  14. This is in the same league as the interview which Anne wrote about, yet more reprehensible! The glamourising of a horrific incident & crime was the complete choice of the photographer & topping it by justifying that an ensuing discussion raises awareness of the crime….who does he think everyone is?….ahmaqs?

    It is obvious he wanted to have his time in the spotlight…he got it!


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