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Weekend Blahs

What a week! Too much celebrating, and too little paying attention to the ridiculous amounts of food I almost literally inhaled over the Eid holidays.

I spent most of the weekend recovering from it all, and then I took to my treadmill after days of ignoring it, and when I was done my treadmill was all “WTF did you do, bitch? Swallow, six whales in three days?” And, I was like “Do you know how much fun it is being a religious minority in this country during this particular Islamic calendar season? Do you even know what Sheer Khurma means to me, you muscle battering dolt?” And, the huz who was passing by was all “Why are you arguing with the treadmill again?”

So, I huffed off for a shower, and now I’m blogging (not in the shower).

But, really… Sheer!!

Sheer-Khurma-58930-300x199I have been in love with this insanely delicious Eid treat since forever!

It was a great holiday, and the run-up to it was pretty good too. I indulged in way too many Sehris and Iftars, which totally messed with my sleep patterns and re-ignited my insomnia. There were also threats of indigestion because some items were consumed like chips almost daily.

chiliIf they’re not loaded with chaat masala on the inside, they’re just not fun enough.

But, it was so worth it, and I still have boxes of these left over to sink my teeth into with some nice hot chai.

Anne doesn’t share her dates with anyone!

I hope those who celebrated Eid had a good one, and if you missed out then there’s always next year.

I’m a little short on time right now, and also have other stuff to finish writing before I update. So, here’s an end of the week round-up of stuff you didn’t ask me to tell you, but I will anyway.

– There are new things to read on our blog.

Chani is hot-stepping it up with sassy, saucy images and fashion facts on Pret-a-Blogger, because she’s cool like that.

I’ll be adding more glimpses into the marital bed of ‘that couple’ called Duke and Missy.

– A bunch of new readers joined us in The Lounge this week, and are thankfully NOT hating our works of fiction. So, if you also wanna come hang with all of us there… read more posts out here, comment often, and keep a look out for an email from us.

– I figured DW needed some more venturing into social media… so I took like one ENTIRE baby step forward with that fabulous idea!!!

Now we know we’re totally cool because we freaking Pin stuff!

– Then, I read some things on the internet and went all…

Commentor No. 3 is SUCH an envious douchehagbag, and so are the people who Liked her douches-are-sour comment.

How dare they NOT include my always-in-the-news-for-every-bad-thing-imaginable city on this damn list?

I want to take this kid out dancing, every night!

– Also, here’s some stuff I added to my wish list during those times I faked writing chapters, but was really just online window shopping.

It’s more than just a love affair. It’s a sole-mate thing.

There is no such thing as “there are not enough shelves in the bathroom for all these awesome bath products.”

I want this, so it can be my purse when I attend the first parent-teacher meeting at the start of my kids school term every year.

Hope you all are having a nice, easy Sunday. Thanks for dropping by.




21 thoughts on “Weekend Blahs”

  1. I had an amazing Eid. We took of to spend 2 nights at JW Marriott hotel in Dubai and since the third day of Eid fell on my birthday. My husband planned a surprised dinner at the world’s tallest hotel. It was magical. This was the best birthday ever. So my Eid was a fabulous.

    Have a nice weekend.

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    1. belated birthday wishes monalisa – a surprise dinner at the world’s tallest hotel, wow that must have been a fantastic surprise –


  2. That sounds like a fun weekend!! i need food like right now!!

    I love love everything but there is no escaping my palpitations for Pret-A-Blogger and Pillow Talk.

    Welcome new members!! This place is fabulous!

    Eid week blessings for the whole Year to everyone here!!

    Anne – Should have blogged this in the shower!!

    Loads of love and hugss

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  3. Sounds like a fantastic Eid celebration. I am jealous.

    Love that you fight with the treadmill since I hate the gym, all fitness equipment and the scale which I think is a lying two faced bitch!!!!

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  4. The sheer khourma, the kheer and the shahi tukras were amazing but this was a never ending Eid for the people of our city. 9 whole days of Eid holidays!
    Kha kha key haal kharaab ho gaya iss eid

    As for the Lush products I love them. never enugh of em.
    eveytime i enter a Lush store i go mad πŸ™‚


  5. Lived in Hyderabad growing up and during eid would for our neighbors kheer and sevaiyyan…awesome.memories of deliciousness ..even for someone like me who does not have a sweet tooth..
    Anne..thanks for the invite to the lounge… Read a couple of chapters of FAO…but couldn’t comment..says commenting is closed…the chapters are gritty and its impossible to read this without getting effected or getting pulled in…


  6. Lol no doubt Eid-ul-Fitr is all about sheer khurma n by god what a blessing it is lol…. Though this year Eid wasn’t good for me lol but I hope for Eid Ul Adha…. Pinning is fun so if following

    I wanted to give u a hug n kiss on

    Anne don’t share her dates with anyone.

    I couldn’t see the kiddo will search on YouTube directly but abt city seriously as per news I think it comes to number one spot.

    Welcome on board new readers to this awesome place.

    My comment on Chani’s posts r pending will do it tomorrow

    Lots of love n hugs



  7. Awesome!! You really cheered me up Anne with this post…lots to explore..about fashion and brides..couple/pillow talk…really interesting and informative posts…and I loved that dancing kid…he made me laugh like anything…Welcome to pinterest..following u there under the name precious pearl..oh woman! with those food pictures you made my stomach roar greedily…now from where will I get those? that Lush body salt reminded me of Japan…It really good..


  8. Aah Eid. How I wait for that day and the gorgeous Sheer Kurma that comes our way from obliging neighbors. This year I probably ate it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
    And the biryani…oh god stop me someone πŸ™‚

    The sole-mate…I find at least one in every shoe shop in my area. And believe me since this is a major shopping hub there are plenty heheheh!

    Bath products. Is it okay to fight with your daughter over them? Regularly?
    Dancing kids…I love that little diaper-clad bum shaking about. Topped with the final bow. xxx


  9. Mouth watering delicacies…..i am glad you indulged….your trade mill is still going to be around when you need it or not but delicacies may not last and then your stomach will have war with you brain and that’s never fun…:)


  10. Hi … Im a totally new entrant 2 ths blog … Came across it while i was reading fan fics on the popular show ipkknd , which 4 reasons beyond me i never watched whn it actually aired on tv … Maybe because 2 kids n a new house took all my tym … Never even knew anythn abt the show …. Last year around sept … Fumbled opon some clips of the show on the net and 2 say tht i was hooked on would be an understatement …. Ended up watching all the episides on you tube n n the processs finishing the entire internet pack of a mnth n 5 days flat thus earning lots of wrath from my kids …. Early ths year i stared reading the amazing fan fucs on india forum n thru tht i just stumbled upon deranged writers …. Wel now i know tht so many wonderful stories which hav been moved to private blog belong 2 u guys …. I totally respect ur decision … But deep down really do wanna read thm also as so many writers like meera30 ,lazyleaves ,naach basanti n all hav really recommended stories written by all 4 of u …. Would someday love 2 read thm …. Was able 2 read pandoras box by munchy 2,wanted 2 read. More but blog closed again …. Donno how i was able 2 read pb , it was truly amazing n captivating ,makes u literally cry and feel the happenings as heard so many instances abt partition frm my grandfather while watching Tamas with him …with eyes clouded always ,tht pain can never go away ,he is no longer thr but always feel him around ,greatest soul ive ever come across ….
    Anyways sorry 4 the long post but would love to read all of the wrks written by u guys … Im sure thy r all as amazing as pb ….
    Just keepn my fingers crossed tht some day maybe u would be comfortable sharing ur blog links with me … Also giving me access 2 ur lounge ….
    Wil try 2 comment on ur updates since im now follwing ths blog … But im more of a story reader
    I like reading more than analysing … Cant do detail comments … Thts nt me ..
    Reading 4 me is more like a stress buster aftr a long day with kids family n house responsibilities ..
    It really relaxes me
    Would love to read more frm u guys
    Hoping 4 a positive response
    Since ive just come across ths blog would be reading ur other posts as well

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This reminded me of and incident involving Anne… She loves cars and especially Ferarri so she wrote to Ferrari HQ a long email stating how much she wants a Limited Edition Spider to drive after a long day with kids and housework and writing but all they said was “We’re flattered but Rules are Rules. You don’t pay our price, you don’t get a car”
      she was quite broken up about it and then she wrote “OK maybe someday you might find it in your hearts to give me a car.” and they said “No.” and she cried and then wrote to the Lamborghini people. She is still waiting for a positive response.

      Long story short rules are rules and we don’t expect an essay for a comment , just a simple acknowledgement. That’s the least we expect for working full time running households and raising kids and attending to needy husbands, in laws friends and still finding time to write.

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  11. we had a week off in ME for Eid – made use of the opportunity to explore ME – visited a few places and was spell bound by the mountains and the deserts
    I miss my mom’s kheer – I miss home –
    thanks for the post anne


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