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The dress that launched a thousand trends

The 1970s has been called the “Decade of Decadence” by many. Disco brought excess and decadence. The beautiful and glamorous people partied at the infamous nightclub Studio 54 in New York City and Halston’s draped jersey goddess dresses, kaftans and Ultrasuede were the perfect party clothes for a glamorous night of sin. It was in the 70s that the ‘Goddess dress’ emerged in this ultra- sexed avatar that has since continued to be a hallowed item for every  fashionista worth her salt from New York to Siberia.

There is something earthy, youthful and insanely sensual about this ancient piece of cloth that is pegged at the shoulders and tied at the waist with braided leather, that utterly timeless yet modern. This was the dress of the Greek gods and there is that instant sense of freedom, abandon, everlasting youth, decadence and power when you wear that. The moment put it on you are Aphrodite, and the world is at your feet.

But one thing that you must posses if you are ever to don this garment is, balls! This dress is a celebration of your femininity and vitality and your sheer Goddessness. This dress is about SEX not about being SEXY. There is a difference. People mistake its intent often.  Like my dear Anne so aptly said,

Sexy = Look at me!

Sex = This is me!

This is a style that works well with lean willowy frames but there are women who are voluptuous who has done complete justice to it because of their confidence and utter sensuality. You need character to carry off it’s boldness and celebrate its power.

One thing that gets me riled up and spewing fire is when I see the so called ‘desi’ versions of this dress emerging on the red carpet etc. Either due to  conventions , lack of confidence,  in laws or some bullshit being sexy and demure at the same time they  take this dress and then put some god awful bra pads, tape the sides or worse put netting to cover the cleavage or some other drapery shit and fuck the Manish Malhothra out of it.  There are a million other styles to do  all that and keep your  so called morals, reputation and vagina’s intact. This is NOT the dress for it. This dress is to celebrate your spirit, beauty and your power as a female. So be fearless!

So here is my list of the most droll-worthy goddess dresses ever, worn with great aplomb by our modern day goddesses.

Marilyn Monroe

No one can ever forget this image, especially if you are a man. Sexy, fun and complete abandon.


 Liz Taylor

 Liz  Taylor has the type of hotness that sets car alarms off when she steps out of a building.


 Meryl Streep

In my books she can do no wrong. And this is  such an age appropriate classy way to do bold.  Perfect.


 Lupita Nyong

She descended from mount Olympus straight to the Kodak Theater. Amazing!


 Miranda Kerr

Bite me.

Miranda Kerr

 Deepika Padukone

Holy Smokey!!


 Taylor Swift

I actually applaud her and given her age  for being bold and doing complete justice to this look.


Jenifer Aniston

Fun fearless, female. She has her own brand of sexiness and she always does it her way.

jennifer-aniston-v-neck-satin-a-line-floor-length-at-golden-globes-2004-red-carpet-dress_120326075 jen2jennifer-aniston-and-versace-atelier-gallery

Diane Kruger

Truly Hellenic.


Nicole Richie

In Vintage Halston. Respect!!



The original supermodel. I love this woman.

iman stylish

Marisa Brenson, Elsa Peretti, Diana Ross

True icons of the 70’s . The sheer fluidity of their bodies and the sensuality still amazes me.


Beverly Johnson

In Halston


Megan Fox


Megan Fox

Olivia Palermo



 Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

 I give her props for keeping it sexy yet royal.


Lisa Haydon

 Round of applause for her confidence and sheer loveliness. She looked bloody amazing.

Lisa-Haydon-Shows-off-Some-Skin-in-Namrata-Joshipura-Gown lisa-haydon-at-the-red-carpet-of-grazia-young-fashion-awards-2014-at-the-leela-mumbai

Angelina Jolie

She fucking owned the red carpet in that. I really felt sorry or all the other women that year.



Mr. and Mrs Smith Premier. There was no chance, absolutely none for Brad. He was dead the moment he set eyes on her.




It is actually against the law to be this hot.


Jerry Hall


Come Hither means this.


Angelica Huston

Dressed by Halston ,  Those toned arms alone are enough.


 Bianca Jagger

The one and only Bianca Jagger.  Studio 54 was a fashion milestone because of her. And being Bianca she goes for the original not an inspired version. This is pure sex!!! in it’s complete unadulterated form.


  Lauren Hutton



and  at last sighhhh…

I am still looking for this EXACT   dress and I want this exact body. This is from the 70’s and nothing today can touch it’s modernity. What a body,  what a woman. It’s cool and scorching hot at the same time. How is that even possible???



16 thoughts on “The dress that launched a thousand trends”

  1. Wow lovely! Loved the dresses and the description. Esp the powder blue and Jen’s dress with Brad. Definitely Liz Taylor and Marlyn 🙂


  2. You know, I can’t quite figure out what’s more fun, having random discussions with you about this fashion stuff or actually reading the latest Pret-a-Blogger post from you. I look forward to doing both, and both times you never fail to impress me, because while it would take others tons of time to research this kind of thing, you on the other hand already know fashion at the level we see in the post above (and previous posts). When we discussed Jen Aniston, you said “I cannot find a proper picture of that black dress she wore by that xyz something designer to xyz event” – And, I was like “WTF is she talking about man? Jen Aniston wears black ALOT!!! I like Jen’s style too, but who the hell remembers EVERY ONE OF HER BLACK DRESSES?”

    LOL, you obviously.

    Also, you say “Studio 54” the way it’s supposed to be said, you chose to do the Goddess dress instead of Googling shit like “World’s Top Designers for Formal Wear” and then you go and toss Jerry Hall into the mix as only a true fashion guru would.

    DW’s new niche has arrived, and I’m thrilled, because you’re rocking the shit out of it already like I always knew you would.

    Love you.

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  3. Am amazed at how much u know about fashion n it’s fashionistas. I have always loved these dresses but didn’t know they were called goddess dress. N thanks to u now I know.


  4. OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG, fashion tears and Pret-a-blogger is shutting the house down with the decadence of 70s. Chaniiiii massive bear hugsssssssssss, this was singing to me soo much that I considered donning my Goddess dress’ for a little jig right now but that would be “I am sexy” in Anne’s words. They had me wrapped when I saw that number on Marilyn Monroe. Wanted to feel that rush myself. Troy had me ogling at the Grecian drapes even though Brat Pitt’s naked butt made a hello to me. But Halston heritage and Studio 54 – nostalgia – Fashion with swag, class and sex.

    Liz taylor was the Goddess in that dress. Just the right amount of hint to the heavens, the lady served the bloody virgin in white like a Boss.

    Meryl Streep – Even when the belt came off while she went cheering for her old friend who won Oscar for Makeup. This girl redefined – The Golden girl for me.

    Lupita – Miu Miu , blue for Kenya. She took them all like Poseidon ‘s daughter.

    Miranda kher- Ok i don;t like her blooming business , but dayum she makes me jealous with her off-duty fashion . and here she seals the number with the perfect red. Envy- love.

    DP – in that number, owned fashionista and few others. Thats the look which would have your boyfriend’s eyes popping out and his “you-know-what” being a bit uncomfortable.

    Taylor Swift- Bold ,right size of youthful fun with that lady-like sexiness.

    Jen Aniston – I love this woman, there are days when i wish she wore something other than black and then she steps out looking like this , sealing my lips and making me bow to the effortless sexy vibe.

    Diane kruger – This one does no wrong. Cannot forget her last year’s Cannes run. But she here makes me believe in Aphrodite.

    Nicole Richie – Halston . Heritage. Vintage. Shuts Down.

    Iman – that number befitting the supermodel

    I want that Olivia number. Classic.

    Lisa haydon makes me so jealous. love her Bod and I think she should only step out in Grecian drapes or not …….or else no man candies would be left for others.

    My fav Jolie one is the number which she wore with the baby belly . That captured her femininity so well.

    Hall with those arms and cut-outs. 70s

    Bianca in that dress is pure sex. God what would be it like to be in that number and feel the power of holding all the eyes of the room on you.

    That white Laura number, need it , want it like Now.

    i think, this dress defined 70s and the spirit of women. The daring cut , the effortless drapes and flowy silhouette . it just felt like the women were breaking loads of stereotypes, accepting their sexuality and believing in themselves. . They wanted to be sexy and bold. It made them feel good , confident and above all freedom.

    oh Chani this was so good like Choos and Chanel has nothing on this post. Love you so so much . and Gracias for all the efforts. Big big hugggggg for this fashion dose. I know what i would be dreaming tonight.


  5. I absolutely know nothing about dresses. Bit even I could say that they look royal and elegant and yet sexy. The greek people must have some awesome dressing sense…
    Of all the women I think angelina jolie rocked


  6. I know absolutely nothing about dresses. Bir even I could say that they were royal and elegant yet sexy. The ancient greeks does have some awesome fashion sense.
    Out of all angelina jolie rocked


  7. Chani, this is fantastic! Loved your spirit with which you wrote about each dress and people who wore it…excellent collection…some of the names are not familiar to me but I enjoyed reading and looking at the dress…as you said, guts is required to present your self boldly and with confidence…and Anne’s description is right about SEX and SEXY! “This dress is to celebrate your spirit, beauty and your power as a female. So be fearless!” Lovely and powerful words!! Cheers!


  8. Your interest in pret is obvious by the seemingly effortless comprehensive study on this genre of dress. Did not realize this was named the goddess dress. This grecian original needs that toned, confident & sexy attitude to carry it off. Could not fault you on this list….everyone sizzled, especially Jolie in her pregnant avatar! Streep has looked better in other dresses…so have my reservation on that selection.


  9. Chani, when you find the EXACT dress and get the exact body, will you share it with me? I shall row across the strait in a lil fishing boat and be your slave for life! 🙂
    A dress that is cinched at the waist, whether with a metal belt or a braided leather one, is fucking difficult to carry off. And I completely agree with you on the desification of the original. I do wish these women would not experiment with perfection and “fuck the Manish Malhotra out of it” hahahaha I love that.

    “This dress is to celebrate your spirit, beauty and your power as a female. So be fearless!”
    And I love each one of the women you’ve chosen as the embodiment of that female. Each one of them is unique in her own way.
    Liz and Marilyn – timeless beauties.
    Meryl Streep – elegant. God those cheekbones.
    Lupita – young, fresh.
    Deepika – sexay…
    Jen Aniston – never afraid to go it alone
    And of course, Angelina Jolie – sex on toast.
    Bianca Jagger, Jerry Hall, Angelica Huston. All of them have always been at the leading edge of high fashion. But always subtle, sexy, although not necessarily subdued.

    Fantastic, Chani. I love being a part of this. Thank you.xoxoxo


  10. Hi …. Just came across ths blog n its 2 good ya …. Still hav 2 gi thru the other posts but ths one on dresses is amazing … U hav an amazing sense of fashion nd it was gr8 lookn at the lovely women in their breathtaking dresses …. Truly wonderful


  11. I totally suck in the world of fashion – hence not good in commenting on the same
    Angelina jolie really sweeps everymen off their feet wherever she goes
    lovely post – thx for the same


  12. shot me for being late from reading n seeing this post THIS LATE. I mean Chani literally shoot me ok joke’s apart don’t even think abt it I love my life n want to do so much with one thing added to the list I have to I mean really HAVE TO wear this gown. loved n enjoyed the post n pics alot. So many sizzling images.


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