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For me Grace Kelly will always be the most perfect bride of all time. She was the Princess Bride. There was something so pure, vulnerable and ethereal about her. She seemed so moved by the whole experience, I think that is what moves us. She seemed thoughtful about the vows she was about to take, about her life which was about to change, the responsibility of becoming Princess Grace , a royal, a wife… a whole new role. All of that is evident in her eyes and it is so beautiful. Every time I see the pictures of her wedding I stop and sigh because it moves me. She is oblivious to the fact that there are so many cameras taking pictures of her … I think that is what it is.. she looks though you, she is so in the moment. Everything about it was pure grace.  She was the perfect Princess bride that ever was and ever will be.



Why am i suddenly taking about brides? Because it’s the time of the year for weddings in my part of the world and I wanted to do a post on my favorite wedding fashion. Although I was a somewhat of a conventional bride ( I wore baby pink ) my taste for brides tend to go mostly for the unconventional.  So here is a list of my favourite brides of all time.

10) Jessica Biel

I have a soft spot for pink plus it looks like she had such a great time in this dress.



9) Jackie Kennedy Onassis

Although many loved her first wedding dress, when she married JFK, and it was such a beautiful look I prefer the simplicity of this one. There is something very chic and carefree and completely Jackie O about this look.


8) Sofia Coppola

She is her own person that’s what i love about this woman.  She has her usual hair and she wore a short feathery blue chiffon dress. Simple. Timeless. Tasteful.


7) Jane Birkin

If you are going to do hippy bride, then you got to go all the way and no one did it better than Jane.


6) Audrey Hepburn

She is my idol and no one is more elegant and beautiful than her and man that smile, sigh! This is from her second wedding, she wore a hot pink dress with a matching scarf.

The Happy Couple

5) Audrey Hepburn (in ‘Funny Face’)

This look is from her famous movie “Funny Face”. It’s  traditional yet so much fun.

AH Funny Face

4) Caroline Bissette Kennedy

Camelot gone too soon Sigh! There were no other pictures of the wedding dress and I remember frantically scanning all the magazines I could lay my hands on to find out who had created this sheath of brilliance. It was so simple , elegant, sexy  and insanely cool.


 3) Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor wore a floral wreath which reminds me so much of south Indian brides and a yellow baby doll dress to her March 1964 wedding to Richard Burton. Their’s was a turbulent marriage but this captures a somewhat whimsical side of them. Plus when a man gives you a 69.2 carat diamond you marry him twice. That’s the least you can do!

Star Crossed Lovers

2) Olivia Palermo

Of all the modern day celebrity wedding ensembles this is something that I found really charming. Coming from a woman who is somewhat of a fashion maven this was a pleasant surprise. You could easily go overboard with designers and all that jazz and yet to keep it simple, clean and classy is no mean feat and what a hunk of a man.  Sweater, shorts and a tulle skirt. Brilliant.


1) Bianca Jagger

Nothing.. and I mean nothing matches the sophistication, style, boldness and the absolute genius of THIS dress Bianca wore to marry Mick Jagger. When you marry a rock God it is kind of normal to expect something edgy but this is a whole different level of cool altogether. No one has since then been able to come close to this league of stylish modernism. Bianca is truly one of the greatest style icons that ever walked this earth. bianca-jagger-and-mick-jagger-wedding2









17 thoughts on “Pret-a-Blogger”

  1. The INCREDIBLE Grace Kelly! No one can even begin to compare. You won my heart forever with this. And JFK Jr.!’!!! Bianca!!! Back with more gushing! Welcome Pret guru’!!


  2. OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG Stop the press, Pret Guru is here!!woohoooooooo.

    This is just makes me want to grab a guy immediately and have like gazilion weddings just to satisfy my fashion lust.

    Grace Kelly – The Bride!! She personified royalty for me. That dress have been copied cough* cough* Kate* but nobody can match the aura that this woman lived with. it would always be the picture of “The Bride”. Laceeeeeee

    Jessica – Fantasy, fun and sexy back.

    Jackie O – Pearls , elegance and the smile.

    Sofia Coppola – I love love this woman, elegance personified.

    Jane Birkin- if this picture doesn’t do it for you then always remember her last name on a bag costs a small fortune.

    Aundrey Hepburn – Idol, Icon and “The woman”. Oh god I can never stop gushing over her. My Vintage and Aundrey. Who the heck can work the scarf like her? And adore the happy face dress too.

    Caroline B Kennedy – Had no idea about this and now I want to own that sheath – like now. Plz plz plz appear in my wardrobe now.

    Elizabeth Taylor – Googled 69.2 carat ,Woahhhhhhhhhhh rock and a little loving with Burton. No wonder she married him again……….. and divorced soon after.

    Olivia P – Saw her picture and it was instant love. i want to try this style everywhere. Such a persona.

    Biana jagger- for moves with the Rock God , this woman strutted her fashion like a boss.

    Another recent fav is Kiera Knightley – there is something fun, understated about her number.

    Oh Pret Guru – this was some fashion love and memories . Almost had fashion tears.

    I am sure , color Pink would have been honored to be on you, Mrs.

    Chani do a desi sement too.

    Hayee this makes me want to get married now. Truly its all about the fashion really.

    Hayee love, lust and more.

    Hugs, love and a big big thank you!!


  3. Some fashion facts I was not aware of, but loved Caroline’s the best….simple & stunning! Grace Kelly’s lace no. is classic vintage. The other dresses stood out for their panache though.


  4. Wow Chani…now this is my favorite theme…weddings!! Lovely selection of bridal attires…Elizabeth Taylor did remind me of south Indian brides…Grace was gracefully beautiful bride…loved Oliva’s too…Oh Chani, now you are tempting me greatly to get married…I love being “the bride” 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Narciso Rodriguez did CBK’s dress, yes? He was just up and coming at the time I think, a virtual unknown. Being a model she took a risk with choosing him but what a show of faith it was too.

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  6. You chose the perfect topic to launch Pret-a-Blogger, Chan.
    Brides…who can resist one? Whether it’s just to admire her clothes, her jewelry, her mehendi, her poise, her beauty, or even the man at her side. 🙂

    Grace Kelly was the epitome of Princess Brides. I have always been fascinated by the story of the prince who married the beautiful commoner from across the ocean and lived happily ever after, albeit an ever-after that was cut short by tragedy.

    As a child I dreamed of wearing a white gown to my own wedding, complete with train and veil. Well, all I got right was the white. I had to make do with a saree.

    Jackie Onassis was another stunner who always hit the right note with her dressing. And her daughter-in-law followed suit with that fabulous gown. I remember devouring “Hello!” magazine for a glimpse of those wedding pics.

    Bianca Jagger needs no words. She has always been one edgy dresser.

    Thank you for not including Princess Diana here. No offense to any admirers of the lady, but I thought her wedding dress was too fussy, too frilly. Her look in the latter part of her life was far more my style.
    But Kate was gorgeous on her big day.


  7. *giggles and pauses after the GRace KElly paragraph*

    # GENEROUSLY takes GENEROUS tips on how to pause GENEROUSLY for the camera on THE D.

    ; p

    I stumbled on one of your previous posts where u said: SOciety is an envious bitch. Ignore her.

    I’D like to link that up to ANne’s enlightening post on beaten wives ( WHY)

    To those ladies having mosquitoes buzzing about ‘why she doesn’t leave him?’ :

    Society is a bitch. Ignore her.

    Yes, really.

    Plus we know we can hit rockkkkkkk bottom n have it in us to find pay dirt. Strength.

    * admires quiet strength*

    ; p
    * goes back to reading on Brides*

    Lovely white. # slight blush #hair elegantly scraped back # fresh look #poise # demure #Grace Kelly


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