50 Shades of Grey – The Trailer

ZOMG it’s here! Stop doing everything. Don’t talk, don’t breathe, don’t go to the bathroom, don’t bite your lip! Just watch it, watch it now, faster, harder…

Oh never mind.!!!!!!!!

See? Now all the fans can’t kill me for not being enthusiastic.

Things that jumped out at me in the trailer:

* Beyonce’s Crazy in Love is a nice kind of different.

* The entire grey office-with-a-view thing is badly ripped off from the movie 91/2 weeks. (But, then so is most of the original story by E.L James.)

* The shot of Christian’s fingers drumming on the desk is worthy of some attention. – I said SOME.

* If they were going for “awkward” with Ana’s overall appearance, they succeeded, but there wasn’t any need to take it so damn far.

* Christian Grey looked about 17 years old to me.

* The gratuitous blindfold scene glimpse we were given wasn’t very appealing. If you want the dead on “Uh oh, wtf did I sign myself up for with this billionaire?” look done right, watch how Kim Basinger accomplished it in 91/2 Weeks.

* The piano was big, but, Richard Gere didn’t didn’t let us even notice a piano was there, did he?

* The movie hits theatres on Valentine’s Day 2015. I don’t know if that’s Hollywood’s gift to the global Lonely Hearts Club, or for husbands tired of always having to buy flowers and candy. It could be both.

Will I watch the movie?

Hell yes.

Will I write a review?

Just try and stop me.






22 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey – The Trailer”

  1. Anne,
    I saw your tweet last night and i rushed to google the trailer and YES! I DID WATCH IT.
    I totally agree with him looking like a 17 year old and am not too happy with Anna’s dressing sense.

    The helicopter and the blindfold parts were ok. I have not seen 91/2 weeks so can not compare.
    I am dead sure it will not be released in Pakistan in the theaters aur humein ja kay kissi movie waley say sara hua print laa kay dekhni parey gi……..

    But, yes, me too will see it and no one can stop me.
    Lets do a movie date?


  2. So the cat that usually scratches the door that has curiosity written over it, got to me as well and I put my snotty eyes to judge all shades of a certain Mr Grey.

    But to my horror, there was no “Mr” only some boytoy playing the pretend wearing Clayton’s suit. Now really , if thats the look he was going for then sorry Ms James thats an epic fail.

    I read the books because somebody wanted to debate “sexuality – Power economics” with me , so yeah I needed a quick look-over BDSM. Yes needless to mention this was used a pick up line.

    The reading OCD made sure that I finished the series irrespective of bad bad bad writing and definitely no toe curling BDSM. Unless you mean puking at a naive school girl degrading herself to the ruins . It was a mess. But I like them messy too , so when the idea of the movie came about , I thought this better be redeemed if they cast my man Matt Bomer , now since Gere is over playing the Pretty games. But alas with all the potentials they picked this , THISS?

    Ana would always be blah for me , I mean her whole presence books/movie has to be awkward .

    Was it just me who thought for a book boasting it’s sales coz of cheap BDSM , the movie was a bit prudish?

    Like seriously, where was the paddle , the clips and the toys?

    Oh Queen A, you better watch this and review, I need happy memories to whip all the records of me reading the books. Or perhaps I would let a certain Mr Blackwell do the magic.

    Hugs and love , my Queen, also big thanks in advance.



    1. ok I tried reading this few days back but the concept of BDSM n few readers’s reviews just like urs had me push the breaks now again I was tempted but reading ur review I m not gng to lol thanx for saving me

      Liked by 1 person

      1. GT- it’s not a good read about BDSM too but well it would educate you about the toys and the term but well it’s too irritating otherwise. No plot just red room action without talking about consequences or emotional equation.. Crappy book . Save yourself the trouble of reading it, rather Anne’s FAO – would be more than sufficient.



  3. Hello Anne 🙂
    How are you? Long time no C 😉
    1st of all wish you a Very Happy Eid in advance,
    Now comiing to my worst nightmare AKA 50 Shades trailer!!
    Yep! I Just wasn’t expecting the trailer to be soooooo damn boring and annoying, (Yep! For a person who has read the books and loved the characters, its annoying) I loved my Anna and Mr. 50 Shades of Fucked-Up!!! But the guy AND girl in the trailer were such a disappointment. I wouldn’t even Imagine them as Mr. and Mrs. Grey if they were the LAST option, SO UNSEXY and UNROMANTIC…..BLEH….There was just NO SPARK at all in his eyes!!!
    Anyways hope you guys enjoy the movie on Valentines Day, Cuz I’ll probably read the books again and wait for the Chocolates and Roses AND Choco Strawberries from my hubby 😉 Mhmmm, that’ll do 😉
    I’m sure they’ll be better than this Darn disappointing movie -__-
    Hope to you have a great time on EID, will write in more soonishhh 🙂
    Lotsa love and best wishes,


  4. I read the books but am yet to see the trailer. But since u advice us to watch it will do once am home. And thanks and waiting for ur reviews on the movie. Am not sure if it will be release here in UAE but will look out for it, if it does.

    Lots of hugs n kisses.

    And before I forget Eid Mubarak in advance.


  5. Read ur post n then watched the trailer and i must say it was awful!!
    God, what the hell was that, everything was out of place…
    Firstly the casting is pathetic, christian was supposed to be handsome, sexy n hell attractive but i guess the makers forgot the very fact about his age, that he is young n not frm some old age home… 😉
    Now about ana, its better i dont waste my time on commenting on her casting n characterization…
    Ana was supposed to be someone who is naturally beautiful bt unaware of her own beauty bt i guess i just did nkt find the actress apt for d role…
    N her clothes yuck, i’ll simply skip commenting on them…


  6. I haven’t read the book too lol neither I have watched 91/2 weeks lol but I did watch da trailer n the things I got to know abt FSOG were not what I saw in leads. The guy is not handsome he can never cast spells on others. his atritude his persona isn’t tht of the Richie Rich types at all. Then the girl she looks way older than a naive college gng girl with bags under eyes n other things. Her dressing was awful no doubt n most importantly her hair I hated them lol the only thing I liked was his hands on railing in da start of trailer lol


  7. I just rushed off and came back from the trailers..
    And Christian grey looks like 17 year old boy. But I think about two 5 O’clock shadows will remove that…but god wt will be do with anastasia, she looked completely out of character, more old especially with those forhead bangs..

    But I will DEFINITELY watch the movie….


  8. I just knew that we would be hearing from you on this !
    Anne Anne Anne … 😉
    Pathetic star cast … he looks like a school boy …
    They could definitely have chosen better !
    Read the books … waiting to see how they bring it alive …


  9. Never having found any desire to read this ‘literary marvel’, I watched the trailer just to see what I had missed and was underwhelmed and left wondering what all the fuss was about…neither character, actor nor story made an impression.

    Now I will just look forward to your review….who needs to watch the movie when I can get the perspective from you …


    1. Same here. Watched the trailer and was like what’s was the whole deal about. The drive home radio talks… Sigh.

      I just enjoyed reading the post.


  10. I’m sure I’ll also enjoy your reviews more than reading the books or seeing the movie. Did see the trailer after reading your post & must say that scene of the fingers drumming on the railing was the take back!

    There have been such extreme responses after reading the books, frankly they have put me off reading it. But you & Chani seem pretty enthusiastic about the announcement of the movie, though from different perspectives. Looking forward to reading more about it from you….you always have a way with words which is unique!

    In the meantime going to catch up on 9 1/2 weeks!


  11. Christian Grey looks like a terrified boy more than Ana. Terrified by the site of a boob that is and not from a through lashing. And the pair of them have as much heat/chemistry/passion/erotica as a pair shovels. The man is wooden. I mean that elevator scene prompts a knee jerk reaction to his groin.

    If that was the kind of kinks they were aiming for …. man i am rearing to go!


  12. Bullshit. Thats what the book was. A bad bad baaaadly written book. Apparently sexy scenes are enough to makeup for lack of a proper “story”. Not watched the trailer yet, because the book never interested me enough to finish it.


    1. Alright. I watched the trailer. My lawyer will be contacting you shortly. 😉

      Looking forward to the new Crazy in love. And yes….. I have no doubt this movie will be a block buster. Look at the kind of business the book did.


  13. Hi there Anne! So I am finally online after a glorious 5 weeks vacation:)) Hope you had a relaxing time as well. Speaking of the trailer … ahem … the originals are ALWAYS better. It leaves you to imagine and fantasize but hey I ain’t complaining about the movie at all. Looking forward to the no chemistry couple and what that evolves into 😉


  14. I have not read tthe book neither have I seen the trailer (I know I know iam a total waste) – will read the book soon –


  15. Argh I hate the leads.. in the movie that is… in the book just Anna put (pissed) me off :p I willl see the movie BUT not on valentines or any time closer.. I’ll leave it for one of my crap-I-have-nothing-to-do-and-I’m-wide-awake days :p


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