Big apologies for the long hiatus from DW, but since the arrival of summer, a sudden excess of projects, updating stories in The Lounge for those hungry readers in there, as well as a few deadlines which must be met, we found ourselves too challenged for time and updates here.

However, things will change soon hopefully, and more posts will appear on this blog for you (if you’re still stopping by to read.) Thank you for all the requests for Lounge access (really, it’s quite humbling to know so many people want to read us), but if we haven’t gotten back to some of you (and you’re quite regular on here) please don’t be mad, and just shoot us an email on as a reminder. It’s possible we missed out on some regular visitors and our apologies for that.

If you’re new to this blog and interested in joining us in The Lounge for some fiction, let us know who you are via the comment box on some posts here and we’ll consider your request.

I hope all of you are having a nice summer, and if you are then tell me how you are having a nice summer because I am NOT having a nice summer and I want to kill summer. And, if it’s raining where you are, then give me your address and I’ll be there shortly.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you again soon.

Much love,




16 thoughts on “Hello”

  1. No worries dear update only when u can. Well here in Dubai summer has just started and getting hotter by the day. But can’t wait for kids to close school and getting prepared for the month of Ramadhan. The best part is we work less hours. Just imagining working from 7 am to 1pm instead of 7am to 4pm the usual working. Insist that just awsome. And malls open till 1 am at night for eid shopping.

    But apart from all that Ramadhan is just full of blessings and so peaceful.

    Enjoy your weekend.

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  2. anne, I just returned from a two weeks vacation – I was in India and it was terribly hot out there –
    take ur time anne – thx for this note


  3. Come on over babe. The rains have (sort of) arrived and we can sit by the window, look out at the view you see in my DP here and invite Jack too. 🙂
    Take your time over the updates, we ain’t running nowhere!!


  4. Hello Anne! Well,in my country is now 21C and is raining.Is ok with you?I’m in SE of Europe,it’s a little far away but i expect you with big pleasure!
    Neither I do not enjoy high temperature ,but just July and August still remain from summer,and for 60 days i will manage.Just i wish to have less weight…:P!


  5. Hope you had a nice summer. Update wen u cn
    Rainy season has has started here. Day and night raining. Other than the fact that travelling s bitch now its fun.
    And wish I had a vacation too, don’t get much holidays


  6. Hello to you too Anne. Did miss your posts & was contemplating going through the main blog to catch up on missed posts. I normally stalk whenever I have some ‘me time’.
    Summer played hide & seek this year, but the holidays were over even before I was able to really take in the break.


  7. Hey Anne … Hello to you too …
    Am in the same boat as you …
    being in Delhi in the intense heat can be killing !
    All you want is to drink chilled water and stand under a cool shower but sadly even that pleasure is not there as the water from the overhead tanks is almost at boiling point ! 😦
    So all we do is lock ourselves up in AC rooms and read and read and read provided there is lots to read 😉
    So good to see you back in action … muah …


  8. Hi Anne

    I m missing 8 o clock terribly which I know I have mentioned quite a no of tyms otherwise my hungry soul is very much satisfied now. And I can understand n totally ok with it coz I know in this summer managing kids n household is quite a task so no complaints Summer I m having a (not) good summer n rain is something I think we can’t even dream now lolz it has become such an impossible thing here. I wish to kidnap some clouds from da area where its raining. really too hot weather is. I wish it were raining here I would have asked u to pack ur bags n come here but its not n its sad very bad. Take ur time hun we r here n in lounge waiting (im)patiently lol
    Love u guys
    hugs n kisses


  9. I am also desperately waiting for the monsoons/rains. There isn’t going to be any respite soon from the heat with temperature hovering around 46 degrees here in Delhi.


  10. hi… i’m glad I found this blog. I have been looking for your work for a while – by the time I got the link to your previous blog, it was only accessible by invitation. I hope I will get a chance to read some of your work this time. Look forward to hearing from you.

    Summer is wonderful here in Calgary… It is bright and sunny – Stampede starts next week.


  11. Oh I read this very late…you are welcome here Anne, to Japan…we were having rains and typhoon here now…it’s summer here though…but the unexpected typhoon Neoguri bought some stormy clouds and torrents…


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