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Remember the Time

If you were at your youth-induced, impressional best during the same time decade I was, I know you probably know what comes after:

Ice Ice…

And, that you can complete this:

Iiiiinn West Philadelphia born and raised…

I know you also know we made “Dude” famous, right along with “My bad” and “Who’s your daddy?” and of course “Oh my God!” (before it went just three capital letters and six hundred exlamation marks both in print, and verbally.) I know you still chuckle when Moe yells “Mike Rotch! Mike Rotch! Hey, has anybody seen Mike Rotch lately?”

You do, don’t you? Hahahahaha

You’ve worn crystal pendant necklaces too right? I know you have. And chokers with Peace signs, or even the Yin-Yang symbol? Many times! In fact, I’m betting you wore long necklaces and chokers together… With the occasional Slap On neon bracelet on your wrist. Don’t cringe, I wore them too, right along with Doc Martens on my feet and “The Rachel” as my crowning glory.

Some refer to the 90’s as a decade of waste, some say it was great, and some might call it the greatest one yet. I’m inclined to agree with both the latter opinions. That might make me biased (and no I am not wearing blinders to the strife during the decade), but it doesn’t change any of the greatness which not only flooded society in various forms at the time, or the streams of its influences which are still a part of not just society, but also pop culture today.

It was the decade when multiculturalism became a force, when a 22 year old girl called Rebecca Walker began the Third Wave Feminist Movement, when the Cold War faced its final thaw, when DNA began to seriously fuck with criminals, when 1992 was titled Year of the Woman and for good reason. It was a time when globally, more women moved into positions of CEO than ever before, and most importantly, when violence against women finally became a serious international issue. It was when CERN’s World Wide Web went public and then, on to be worn as the face of Generation X, when pop culture exploded right along with dot com, and when artisic legends were born and social movements rose in power.

There is so much to celebrate about the 90’s, and since I’m in the mood to celebrate…

Wait, are you thinking “Oh no, not again!” or “Does she have nothing else to do than celebrate crap?”

You are, aren’t you?

Well, I don’t care, and I know another 90’s lover here who doesn’t care. We’re celebrating the 90’s and that’s that, you can either like it or…

OK, so I’ll be nice and invite you to join in and please like it. Because, I’m so fly like that. Hehehe

Think it over, it’ll be fun. We’ll start tomorrow (which is Monday, and you’ll be getting something to lighten up your Monday blahs).

See you then.




13 thoughts on “Remember the Time”

  1. u know I didn’t do any of that I was quite young back then in early 90s but still my memory is quite good. We used to watch Alvin n chipmunks, CampCandy, Captain Planet n Jhonny Quest n loats n lots of cartoons lol n yep my first love I am a Barbie doll etc lol…. I am all excited


  2. I don’t qualify for that age group but I’m damned if I’m going to be left out of this. 🙂 So, if I feel I can add something here I’m sure as hell going to butt in, darling.

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      1. Kishmish my dear, you and I don’t qualify for that age group for completely opposite reasons!! 🙂 but let’s have fun anyway!


  3. I missed this blog!!! I also missed you!!! And equally of all (yes it makes sense), I MISS THE 90s!!! Best decade ever, only because I was born in it (smug face), and a million other reasons. I’m going to come back with a list this week of everything that was so great about it. And someone just texted me a meme with Will Smith’s face, so might I add, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air!


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