Lounge/Story Access

Hello all,

As you can see there are some changes being made on the blog lately, which we’re doing in an effort to further streamline both posting for the writers, as well as making reading much easier for visitors. As suggested by a few readers, story chapters could be made more accessible by us, and we agree.

Hopefully, designating an individual page for each story will help with that. However, loading up the site with numerous Pages tends to create disorder in WordPress, so at present all ongoing stories have been moved to The DW Lounge & Chat Club, where we will be posting just fiction.

However, all non-fiction posts, site themes, contests etc. will continue to be posted here on the main DW blog.

Access to The DW Lounge & Chat Club is not restricted to anyone who actively participates on the blog. – The Regulars List has been revised this week (and is revised each month) and invites have been sent out to the email address you use to comment with (so please check your inbox/spam folders).

However, if you have requested access and have not been granted it yet, it could be due to one of two reasons.

The first could be an oversight on our part, which we apologize for.  We receive a lot of requests each day and sometimes miss out on familiar names/readers.

We do request you to email us on and let us know if we’ve made that mistake.

Secondly, it is possible that you are a silent reader, and are repeatedly requesting access to the Lounge using the WordPress link. If so, please read our Lounge Guidelines.

Stories currently being posted in The Lounge are as follows:

The Interview 

Agent Provocateur 


Forsaking All Others

More to come in the future.

Thank you for stopping by today, and for your understanding and continued support.


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