Chapter 10

By mid afternoon everyone gathered at under the white marquees of the Southampton Hunt & Polo grounds.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 10”

  1. I am introduced to this Blog quite late seeing that you posted a few chapters here long ago. I have read the first chapter and found the story interesting but I have a doubt due to which I am haven’t read further. If I comment after every few chapters (say 4 or 5) then will I be given access to read this further or not? Since I was not sure hence, thought of asking you first before continuing it. This will put my mind to rest and I could read further without any fear. 🙂

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    1. I would like to clarify a few points regarding comments. First of all, for the writers on this blog the stories we write are much more than a hobby and we do not do this just for amusement. Secondly, this is a serious professional commitment for us and we value our work because we bust our chops every day to do this. We believe in copyright and we want to be able to trust who we give access to it and the way we judge this is by who comments. We believe if you are interested and you actually appreciate what we have shared you will leave a comment to let us know. But that’s just us.

      I have been having these discussions regarding blog access and comments for years and once and for all let me clarify. Although these are out there for free they are not written to pacify anybody except our own passion for writing. I am not a puppy where you throw me a comment and i jump and give you an update. It does not work like that. We have kept certain number of chapters for people to decide if they want to read more or not and there are no guarantees. I may decide not to write and you may decide not to read. That’s perfectly fine but as long as you are reading i appreciate if you let me know you are reading it. That’s all and if i decide to stop i will let my readers know.

      Comment’s are used as a form of communication and acknowledgement between a writer and a reader, not as a barter.


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