Twenty Fourteen

The bustle and energy of a new year is hard to miss anywhere. It becomes a time of what I consider extremes. – Two to be precise.

On the one hand there is copious amounts of fun and cheer, tons of well wishes, joy and hope as the old is left behind and the new is embraced with renewed energy from individuals.

For about one week.

Then on the other hand, there are resolutions.

Which also last about a week.

Personally, I’m not a fan of starting out the new year by beating myself up over how shitty I’ve been to myself all of the previous year and how I need to change it all now that the calendar has been flipped for me.

2013 = Not so good a person.

2014 = Must be a better person.

Buy new shampoo.

Begin rat race to perfection.




Forget and pretend it never happened.

2015 = Make another resolution to buy a better shampoo.

I don’t see any new year as a time to get thin, quit smoking, visit the gym more, read more, finish the story I began writing, look better, feel better, have more/less sex, yell more/less at my kids, and compete for the title of Supermom/Career Woman/Bestest Wife of the Decade and all of those bullshit titles being handed out at every idle luncheon around the city.

It’s not that I have anything against self-improvement, but I do feel strange when I see people picking this time of year to concentrate on all that’s negative about them in an effort to be more positive for the next 364 days.

Why not just be positive?

So, when the year ends, I tend to reflect more on my life than be resolute about what I’m going to do about it because I was such a messed up failure in the previous one, and picked up such nasty habits because I lack in mind and spirit.

What a crock of shit!

My life may not be perfect, and God knows I’m not. None of us are, but it doesn’t have to be the start of a new year for us to realize it and set outrageous goals for ourselves so we can be better people.

The slate can be wiped clean at anytime and any place. Everyday if we so choose. Starting out the year with high expectations for ourselves because we’re actually just losers in so many areas of our lives is ridiculous.

Reflection is a good thing. It helps us to sort through rather than dismiss and/or jump the gun because something has to be done about this or that.

Aside from all the fun during my holiday, I’ve spent a lot of the last couple of weeks thinking back over things, my life, my family, friends, non-friends, situations, my writing etc. and believe me it has helped me tremendously in thinking forward.

No resolutions, just a clearer path of thought into the year ahead, and the future itself.

Having said all that, I’m going to step off my soapbox now and wish you all a very Happy 2014. – I’ve missed you all and writing for the blog which I barely had a moment to log into.

And, I don’t regret it. πŸ˜‰

As I was browsing through the comments today I spotted a few new readers, so a very warm welcome to you who have just joined us. There’s plenty to read here and even more if you participate on the blog via comments. If you have any problems navigating etc. feel free to email us on

I also see the return of some really old readers from about two years ago, so welcome back folks (and where the hell have you been?) it’s great to see you again.

As for the rest of you regulars… Thank you for the emails, comments and tweets over the holidays. It was wonderful how so many of you kept in touch. – Kisses, hugs and mush to all of you.

There’s going to be a lot happening here on Deranged Writers in 2014, and I think after how well received the Spirit of Christmas theme posts were, there will be many more themes popping up for all of you as the year progresses. So stay tuned for those.

Also, a few surprises in store as I plan to make this place more interactive between writers and readers, so check in as much as you can to keep up to date on that.

It’s great to be back and see you all still here, alive and kicking. It really is.

And, now if you all will excuse me, I have a couple of severely neglected stories I need to get back to writing. πŸ˜‰

Much love,



21 thoughts on “Twenty Fourteen”

  1. Would you believe that I was refreshing this page and was really looking for you girls, when this appeared.

    Hello 2014 and lovely Anne.

    Not one for resolutions but I understand how some take it as a form of cleaning up their closet and that “new” smile they sport.

    2013 was interesting and a little too crazy. Things happened which now that I reflect were good in their own way. 2014- please be more interesting , crazier and fun.

    Mother nature go easy on us mortals this time !

    Last days of 2013 were lazy, beachy and happy. I like how days seem to slow down till the big count down.

    DW has been so good, enriching and an experience. May you all scale more heights and let the pen run supreme.

    Looking forward to the tales , comments and the musings.

    Love you all, warmest of all the hugs and a big giant thank you!


  2. I got called a pessimist by a majority of “distant” relatives for saying something very similar about making New Years resolutions at a NY gathering. About more than half of them have already broken their “resolutions”, while I’m smiling the “I’m better than everyone else” smile.

    From how I see it, (and I do it too), a new year is that fresh feeling (read excuse), to start new and become the desired better “you”. Birthdays are the same too, but I agree with you, why not start today? That phrase from Hindi school from KG days was drilled into my head from very early on, “kaal karey so aaj karey, aaj karey so ab”.

    Now, now, now! Anyways, my next report for class is going to be the increase in gym memberships in January vs gradually fading appearances at the gym throughtout the month πŸ˜›

    I hope you had a wonderful vacation, and I hope you will be posting pictures of the beaut views!

    Looking forward to more posts, have a wonderful week! πŸ™‚


  3. New Year Resolutions … the least said the better πŸ™‚
    But then resolutions are meant to be broken … they say … πŸ˜‰

    Wish You All a Very Happy and Fruitful 2014 …


  4. Happy New Year My Authors and fellow readers πŸ™‚ I totally agree with you Anne. At any new year gathering I’m the only one who resolves ‘Nothing” and they have a good laugh at me. Well if you wanna improve any moment is good and really, we are so busy living, all the things just happen to us, and I feel that’s better. Well, I so happy, I’m not the lone person with same view πŸ™‚
    Really thrilled to read about new plans at the blog.. again have a rocking 2014 Anne, hope you enjoyed your holidays.


  5. Happy New Year to you……Anne! Hope you have a great year ahead!

    Just had a request….have heard so much about your story…Mystic Skies..but never had a chance to read it! If possible, can I please get the blog…link to that!

    Sorry..if this was not the place to ask…….


  6. Happy 2014 to everyone.

    Loved your take on resolutions….which are truly made to be broken and become a whip with which one tends to beat oneself up for our supposed shortcomings.

    Here is to 2014 and living life to the fullest with no regrets.


  7. Welcome back Anne and as for the resolutions haven’t made them in years and i so agree with you that being positive always is the real secret to happiness.

    Now get back to writing dammit.. i have been waiting for years..oh wait two weeks actually….but i seemed long so Just Do it! ( That’s my new year mantra lol)


  8. I like the resolutions and how you termed it as new Shampoo. Would’t the same could be applied for almost 99% people here πŸ™‚

    Happy New year.



  9. Welcome back Anne and a very Happy 2014. No resolution here, just enjoying the New Year which happens to have a lot of lonf weekend here cause of a lot of Holidays in Dubai.


  10. Agreed. Resolutions are just a way of hiding from what you want to do and allowing yourself to believe this is what you were waiting for. Blow off the smokescreen, look up, and see that sun shining everyday. It doesn’t wait for a specific day, it knows every day is new, and so should we. Last year was amazing, as will be this year …

    Happy 2014, ladies! Bring it in with a bang!


  11. When the year ends I just partyyyyyyy!!!!! Thing is I get slightly baffled/ taken by surprise when people start asking me/ talking about their resolutions.. N then I tune out.To me, that’s foreign. I.. Can’t understand that. Like why???? N when the year ends.. I kind of sigh deeply n wonder how impatient I will be till December next. That’s all. It’s so lonnnnng n December is one of my fav months.. Just love it. Purely.\
    I just commented in the ‘ Name’ box. Jesus.

    It Ofc said ERROR!


  12. Happy New Year to you! Totally agree about the resolutions – we don’t need a new year to decide to make changes to our lives! Would love to hear about your holidays! Can’t wait to read more of your work!


  13. Welcome back, you Deranged lot. And a happy New Year to all of you, readers and writers alike.
    Resolutions…what’re those? Seem to have heard something like that in my misspent youth, but now, I’m too old and stuck in my ways to give a damn. If I can take me as I am so can everyone else!
    But yes what I definitely wouldn’t change about 2013 is the whole new lot of cyber friends I made and the fantastic stories I got to read. You girls are simply fabulous. I love reading the views/experiences of both writers and readers on this blog.
    Have a great year, everyone.


  14. The slate can be wiped clean at
    anytime and any place. Everyday if
    we so choose. Starting out the year
    with high expectations for ourselves
    because we’re actually just losers in
    so many areas of our lives is

    totally agree to u in this and yeahhh feeling really excited n happy new year to u too damn my email sync was off and I didn’t get any mail notification and I missed n I have such a tough schedule na examz in 1.5 months n tht jerks in ICAP they changed the whole structure arghhh its gonna get tougher. … anyways welcome back missed DW sooo much
    love n hugs


  15. =D Happppyyyy Neww Year Anne!! Hope you had a lovely time (: Happy to hear you were able to vacate from the usuals and had fun :*
    Hav lots of reading to do now tht I have me time (X (yaaayy =D) See youu in your nxt post ;*


  16. I had missed this post. Now when I was catching up with all the stories I missed, I came across this one.

    Reflection is always good & like you mentioned there is no special time for it. You can reflect anytime. New year time it happens commonly may be because its a time of the year we leave the old & look forward to the new. Plus all the Merry wishes & hopes gives us a kind of healing, courage to dare & a chance. I had been fortunate to come across wonderful posts here which really motivated me & I took it seriously, gave myself a wonderful time. Now I am back refreshed & kicking πŸ™‚ thank you to all of you!


  17. 30 days into the new year and none of my plans (get thin, be happy, have more sex, write, buy a better shampoo) are really taking off. But I know what you mean. Every morning is a new morning. And I want to do all these fantastic things that I hope for myself. Alas, better shampoos are hard to find..or I too lazy to get off my ass?


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