Anne, Eight in the Morning

Romance (1)


At least once every couple of days, and usually while he’s reading a book, the huz will suddenly ask “So, how’s the story going?”

My standard response is “Blah.”

What follows is usually silence, during which he resumes reading (although personally, I don’t think he actually stops reading to ask the question in the first place.)

Then, he’ll say something quite stupid.

The re-write going badly?”

I grit my teeth, highly insulted that he’d think all my dedication, research and hard work is not doing anything to enhance ‘The Story’ – I mean, talk about underestimating your wife and then saying it out loud. It’s like he wants to piss me off for his evening entertainment.

Don’t be ridiculous. The re-write is never a problem.” I tell him with a derisive sniff. “That always flows well. In fact, I wrote out some future scenes, just drafts, nothing major, but it shifts focus from a couple of important events so I’m not sure I’ll put that in. I’m also hacking through some old chapters and they’re turning out great, but what I really want to do is concentrate on moving it all forward and highlighting the romantic love angle where I can, it’s important. But so are narratives. I think I can swing both. I’m writing a draft and blending the two, so I’ll see how that goes. Honestly, I think it’ll either be brilliant or it’ll sink the story, I’m not sure….”

I pause.

He seems more engrossed in his book than ever.

I remind myself that laptops are expensive items which should not be flung at people’s faces.

Also, it’s rude to do that to a laptop.

Disgusted by his apparent lack of interest in my story which I’m sure is definitely much more interesting that the stupid one he’s reading, I ignore him and resume making notes.

And, ‘distractedly’ kick his chair a few times.

A couple of days later, it happens again.

So, how’s the story going?”



I wait for the inevitable stupid question.

More silence.

I glance up.

He’s still reading.

I stare at my laptop screen.

Still more silence.

I should have married his best friend.

Did you finish the narrative you were working on?”

I’m not an swoony “Awww he’s soooo sweet, he remembered.” kind of woman, so I didn’t throw myself into his arms and moan out my gratitude.

Of course I finished it.” I sniffed, and quite loudly. “Why would I not? Three thousand words. It actually turned out pretty good. Brutal, but good. It sort of starts out all calm and even a little clinical, then it starts to build. Although, I did cave and write in some dialogue too, but the romance angle is so hard to work in because…”

He’s way too engrossed in his book again.

I gave up being single for this kind of undivided attention.

To be honest, from everyone I know who is aware of how much I love to write, my husband heads the list of people who I feel are the toughest to please when it comes to the written word. He’s not at all harsh in his critiques when he gives them (although at times he can be a little dismissive and then he has to sleep on the couch), but there’s not much he’ll miss in a story, whether he’s reading it himself or just listening to what it’s about. He’s an avid reader and one of those annoying people who reads several books at a time, finishes them in a week and can relate the story complete with quotes to you years later.

So, when I babble details of my stories to him, he remembers them, and those sometimes lead to interesting discussions.

Soon after he completely ignored my writing problems those two conversations, we were having a chat (which means I was rambling, and he was watching cricket on the television behind my head at the cafe. Pay attention single girls, the tele is an inevitable part of marriage.)

And, then out of nowhere he said “Who are your three favourite romantic couples in literature?”

My mind went completely blank.

I stared.

Uh… like who? What do you mean?”

Your three favourite couples. Who are they?”

Um…” I stared at my coffee.

Guys, if I hadn’t been so shocked at how stumped I was at that moment, I would have been laughing my ass off at how stumped I was at that moment.

Rhett and Scarlett?” He asked in a near patronizing voice.

Meh. One sided.” I rolled my eyes and sipped my coffee. “Although, I like how it didn’t work out for them but in such an awesome way.”

Jay and Daisy? Romeo and Juliet?”

Doomed but good. Yes. Not my favourites though. Meggie and Ralph were nice although angsty.”

Others less famous?” He asked.

McNaught’s, Matt and Meredith?”

Five or six more pairings were tossed out between us.

I decided for sure I’d carry on writing Desconocido as a romantic thriller and not be tempted to spiral into a world of grief, angst and severe heartache which I sometimes end up doing for many of the romantic couples I write. Sometimes, not always. (stop laughing old readers.)

So, anyway… We discussed those relationships in detail and I got some great ideas out of the whole thing. There were romantic angles I hadn’t considered putting into ‘The Story’ and the more I considered them, the more I realized I should write them. I was so pleased to have been able to really think it through… And, all by myself, without any help whatsoever. I even told him how I awesome I was.

I really love my husband and appreciate him, I promise.

We also came to the conclusion that our relationship was so much better than all of the fictional ones we discussed. (Also another wonderful part of marriage by the way, many couples think they have the coolest, most awesome relationship ever, and definitely better than all their friends have. Ha!)

There are really no points to these posts are there? Maybe I should write another ‘Romance’ post but at one in the morning instead of at 8am. I’m sure it’ll make more sense.

You guys should stop reading this nonsense.


©Anne J. Dias – 2013


41 thoughts on “Romance (1)”

  1. I love Paradise. And the other one, with the movie star and the school teacher (forgot the name).

    Since I am the swoony type, awwwwww, he paid attention! Hahaha. I don’t see that happening much often, hence the surplus of w’s.

    There is a lot of sense in this “nonsense”. Waiting for the 1am post on this 🙂


  2. It’s Nine in the morning!! Hmmm… I think mine would have to be Rhett and Scarlet; Anne and Gilbert and Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza!!! Sigh


  3. Love this nonsense, in fact! 🙂 & this line in particular “I gave up being single for this kind of undivided attention” but its great that you can discuss your writing with your hubby and he does,thats sweet!


  4. Received early morning call and could not go back to sleep – read your post.

    Had a good chuckle – Your husband is “awww” 🙂

    I would add Lizzy Bennet and Darcy to the list

    Great start to my day


  5. First to answer the last part of your was not at all was so much fun to read this..:)..lifted my mood completely..And no matter u post it at 8 am 6 am on 2 am ..i will love to read these..
    About the thing that you mentioned ..that there are people who read multiple stories at a time and remember all of them may be 2 years me i know a few of them..and its gets pretty annoying at times(when they try to prove “Oh u remember nothing..what the the hell did you read then” 😦 )
    The conversation(and the self-talk ;)) was super fun to read..Baeutiful post!!


  6. I loved this part “I gave up being single for this kind of undivided attention”. So true Anne, hehehe.

    I do love this nonsense.


  7. This nonsense was better than some of da called sensible stuff available to read (not talking abt DW)…. eight in da morning is becoming my most fav… loved reading abt ur husband. … I have this huge grin n my mom asked Why r u smiling n I said awaien …

    I remind myself
    that laptops are
    expensive items
    which should not
    be flung at people’s
    Also, it’s rude to do
    that to a laptop.

    hahahaha u r so good the flow the casual way everything. …. I m swoony type though not married yet lol so for me aweeeee he remembered so sweet. …. Loved it


  8. Sometimes it takes reading reality to bring us back from the fairy tale clouds Although fairy tale clouds are nice to live in… This made me laugh and somehow has given me an insight to married life… brilliant post Anne


  9. starting to read the posts on the blog now and this is the first one.. Curious, cause its the second post am reading, is it your real life talks and thought?! They must be funny and Men! while i was feeling like, oh am reading something personal and should stop (it was funny at points for me, cause am just reading it) you finally said, oh stop reading it 😛
    I really should not have read it (personal!) but it gives away ur state of mind right now, maybe..
    And I dnt know why am commenting this way, but just wanted to say, its nice to put own thoughts down!
    Shall start story!


  10. Loved this nonsense, esp. your one liners. also your sense of humor.
    My all time fav pairing is Darcy-Elizabeth but i have loved Wuthering Heights and its hero too. Of course its a given that all pairs will have their plus’ and minus’ but still.


  11. Oh man, I have to catch up on so many of your posts. I apologize, will do soon. Last week was exceptionally busy! Will be back with comments on all of the pending posts!


  12. Elizabeth & Darcy always! 🙂 then Jerusha/Judy & Jervis finally Anne & Gilbert *sigh*
    (really dislike Romeo & Juliet )
    your ramblings are more enjoyable than ur stories 😉


  13. hey.. You are funny.. Loved it. I have read 12 chapters of ne’er the rose. That was a great story. And its amusing to see you have this funny side too. Totally enjoying your 8am works.
    And you guys are a great pair.. Congratzz..


  14. Hayeeeeeeeeeee this was Lit romance!

    Anne, one day, when you become this Best selling author, they are going to chase you down, to write a book on your love story.One day. And that day I will go all, awwwwwwwww and hayeeeeeeee.

    Tv is good, its the remote that might become a problem.

    He makes you think and inadvertently opens so many aspects of your story .

    I liked Butler-O’Hara , because they loved others things more than they loved each other. Makes them real and human. Or maybe I am just too biased to my woman Hara.

    Add Thornton and Margret to the equation. A bit of equals.

    Daisy and Gatsby, are too exciting individually that they never did it for me as a couple.

    Mr Darcy and Mr Knightley will forever share my heart.

    Catherine and Heathcliff- I know a friend who would quote WH word by word.

    Rochester never wooed me enough.

    Romeo and Juliet seemed to lack that depth. Too much for me.

    Jim and Della . Very beautiful love story!

    Oh the list is endless and I go back to day-dreaming about love and all its shades.

    Hey Anne, keep smiling and romancing.

    Hugs and love!


  15. Don’t hate me for this but… the typical ‘swooners’ of Literature have never done it for me. As for Daisy and Gatsby- that wasn’t love, that was obsession and an attention whore. Romeo and Juliet? Hormonal morons. If they were alive today, they’d be those dicks on Facebook who at the age of 14 would change their relationship status to It’s Complicated then post swoony statuses about how they just can’t LIVE without each other.

    They can all DO one.

    Callum and Sephy from Noughts and Crosses are probably my favourite couple in any book ever. It was the first book that ever made me cry and the first one to make me really care about love or the romantic aspect in novels. Their story haunts me even now and whenever I think of Callum’s second letter and Sephy’s devastation when she was given the first… I still want to cry for them both. The build up to their love story and the way it grew and everything just felt so authentic and I just… It was perfect. It’s still my favourite book and I don’t know if any book will ever be able to have that same impact on me again.


  16. Don’t throw that expensive laptop at me either but I thought you and your husband make a very charming couple…you two know each other well and fit like a jigsaw puzzle…

    .ROFL……” I decided for sure I’d carry on writing Desconocido as a romantic thriller and not be tempted to spiral into a world of grief, angst and severe heartache which I sometimes end up doing for many of the romantic couples I write. Sometimes, not always. (stop laughing old readers.)”….I, an old reader am scared when you start writing romance because you write fantastic beginning, but your love of angst will make you take the story to such an end that it’s like Halloween.massacre…


    1. If Mystic Skies was in print, I’d throw that at you. 😛

      But you’re right. It breaks my heart to admit it, but you’re right. I enjoy massacres too much. But, I’m working on it OK? I am. Christmas is coming and angst has no place in it. 😀


  17. Well being ignored for books is better than being ignored for boxing! Totally agree with your comments on married couples. Loved the ramblings!

    I think it’s kind of nice when your loved ones are hard to please, makes it all the worth while when you do impress them with your work….


  18. Hahahahahaha loved this line

    “I remind myself that laptops are expensive items which should not be flung at people’s faces. Also, it’s rude to do that to a laptop.”


  19. You are one funny (read witty) woman! 🙂
    But my all time favorite is Liz and Mr. Darcy! I don’t think I have outgrown my teenage years (my husband definitely thinks so)! 🙂
    But I so love reading these tidbits (very appetizing). Keep them coming gal!


  20. All I could think of after reading this was marriage is complicated. There r times when I cry asking god what sins have I done to deserve such a husband. Bt then there r some instances that strengthen my faith in god for bringing in the person who would support me like no other..


  21. I haven’t read a whole lot of literature to say that this couple was my fav.
    the only character I did think a LOT about was monsieur Roark.

    Like you said,”We also came to the conclusion that our relationship was so much better than all of the fictional ones we discussed.”
    Why look and hope for something good when you can and do have better, and real.


  22. Uff you forgot so many more important fictional couples – one of them being MS ones, the names dont matter here, you know why. And my favorite one being Eva and AFR. No doubts about that. Yes, I do have other favorites…from other writers, but these are my definite favorites.

    “Honestly, I think it’ll either be brilliant or it’ll sink the story, I’m not sure….” and I would like to say – honestly it will be either brilliant or brilliant, There is no other way around it Anne, you know it! Even if you wouldnt be completely satisfied, that happens when you are writing something, but you have a way to win the hearts of readers anyway, and I am sure it will all be brilliant.


    btw your conversations with your husband seem too familiar to me. The only difference being, your husband is into books, and mine completely into TV/laptop/video games. And I am the one rambling on about mundane things. Atleast yours is well-read, mine is just well-fed, and well-versed if I say so. 😛

    I love reading this nonsense, as you would like to call it. I absolutely love it. 🙂


  23. I love your nonsense! It’s the best XD
    And this IS Romance A (: – a love story! Not the tragic bleeding heart one It’s the inspiring sweet uplifting one that is def better than of anyone around us ;P
    Happy to know the awesome you have that awesome love too – ofc all credit goes to you 😉
    And *Masha Allah at you n your husband*


  24. Gal, keep it coming. Your ‘nonsense’ makes a lot of sense & a lot of smile!

    Frankly your husband is very sweet, typical, apparently nonchalant about your work, but keeping tabs nonetheless. Was that conversation about couples initiated to trigger your own thoughts in your rewrite?

    If your stories inevitably deal with love massacres at the end, I’m quite happy reading your non-fictional stuff. You have such witty repartees, they invariably leave me smiling or laughing.


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