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Lights, Camera, Celebrate!

H: Crazy Halloween Hat Day at school was fun. I think the ice-cream sundae hat was really nice.

B: I think the one with the knife going through the whole head one was cooler.

H: “Pfft! It was Crazy Halloween Hat Day, not Icky Hat Day”

B: “Yeah so? It was still so cool. The head was bleeding. BLEEDING!”

H: “Not! It was poster paints.”

B: “Bleeding! Blood!”

H: “Paints!”





Me: You guys wanna have Duct-Tape-Over-Your-Mouths Day?

H: Mom, it was paints! TELL HIM!



B: You knnnnow it was blood. Reeeeeeaallll bloodddddddd!


B: Shan’t.

H: MOM, Brandon’s being himself!

B: Because, I don’t want to be youuuuuuuu!

Me: Or I can stitch your mouths up with wire.


B: Would we bleed?

H: Mom’s joking… I think.

B: Mom, are you joking?

H: Mom?

B: Mom! – OK, she’s not.

H: Yeah.

B: Scary.

H: Hey, you want to watch Wizards?

B: OK. No. Let’s watch The Goblet of Fire.

H: Or, Deathly Hallows.

B: Meh.

H: Then let’s watch Wizards.

B: Goblet of Fire!

H: Deathly Hallows!



Me: I could also sell the TV and pay some of your new boarding school fees with the money.


B: Let’s watch Wizards.

H: Yeah. Oh, but we have to discuss our plans for Halloween.

B: Uh yeah. So, what are we doing for Halloween?

H: You want me to tell you AGAIN? DON’T YOU EVER LISTEN?


Me: And, in a noisy house of demons and ghouls, Halloween was suddenly cancelled.




Me: The home’s demon matriarch also went and cancelled the upcoming big fat 9th birthday of her twin spawn. There were no gifts, no party, no cake. It was terrible, and sad… and so, SO quiet.


B: You want to watch Wizards?

H: Sure.

I need to stop here and let you all think the conversation ended at that.

My kids are big on celebrating holidays. It’s a tradition in our house to celebrate whatever is being celebrated, (hence the watching of witchy-wizardy shows that they’ve watched six hundred and twenty six times in the last month alone) be it religious or not.

We’re not choosy.

Or too worried about what anyone might think.

Luckily, we have friends from all walks (and religions) of life, so that never becomes an issue. The kids are just used to celebrating a lot of holidays. It’s a norm for them.

On every Chaand Raat just before Eid, it’s time for mehndi and bangles, and visits and food the next day (must never forget the food).

Easter brings on the egg hunts and lots of marzipan.

Diwali (which is upcoming) also has mehndi and bangles (my daughter is obsessed with both), and the floors of our home get coloured and decorated with diyas.


From Diwali a few years ago (when little people were more little, and also quieter.)

I love decorating for festivals so I do it in a big way. Outside our home, the sparklers light up and firecrackers explode all night (we have Hindu neighbours, so it’s good fun). My kids couldn’t be kept away from all the excitement even if they were bound with ropes.

Christmas is massive every single year (my personal favourite), and pretty much drains our bank account because a certain adult male in this house tends to go overboard in the gift area. I barely notice because of all the tinsel hanging off my head and over my eyes while I decorate and keep decorating.

Halloween is just a candy fest, and the one time in the year where I put on blinders, hang up my issues with over-indulgence of the unhealthy and just let the little people go nuts stuffing their faces if they want to. They dress up, go trick-or-treating if possible, or we throw a party for them and their friends at home.

Bottom line, we love celebrations.

So, on that note, I wish you all a very Happy (and gluttonous) Halloween, and also a very Happy, Peaceful and Prosperous Diwali to all who are celebrating the festival.

Much love,



25 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Celebrate!”

  1. Awww! I love B&H!! They are the coolest 9 year olds ever!!

    I love Halloween… and you already know how crazy I am about Christmas.. they seem to be more fun than Eid… although Eid has it’s own charm… bottom line, decorations and food, and I’m happy!


  2. B : Maybe we could run away with Mom’s new laptop and put it inside a giant pumpkin
    H: Yeah!!! lets do that …then we will see reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal Blood!!!!
    B: Niceeee!!
    H * rolls eyes* iiiiiidiot!


  3. Hahaha … so cute … is that cutie pie your daughter ? I know you have twins …
    both boys ?
    A ver Happy Diwali and Happy Halloween to You , Your Family , all the Writers and Readers on this Blog … Muah …


  4. omg it was fun….. the kids fight n ur pushing the right nerves at right time and letting them know who is the boss actually. u celebrate all holidays cute.. I m impressed by da way u treated them. awesome n kids were so adorable.


  5. Awwwwwwwwwww Anne, your kids are adorable! Bless you all!

    Well grew in India, so every festival was one big celebration, personally I love them all -colors, lights, happiness , food and family – but this Diwali is special , as not only I am holidaying at home but just so you know I turn a year older the same day. So yeah the world gets to have one big party for me too. ( I am being the arrogant brat of the family and rubbing this cool factor all year long)

    Wishing every one here. Happy and Prosperous Diwali ! Stay Blessed each one of you and yeah loads of luv and hugs!!!!!!!! Wish I could smuggle all the delicious sweets from here………yuuuummmmmmmmm!


  6. :)))
    Happy Halloween and Happy Diwali to you and your family !!
    Loved the twins convo,….treasure it, reminded me of my years with my bro. was elder to him,so cud boss him ..hehe. Brandon and H, lotsa hugs n love ❤


  7. Thanks Anne for the wonderful bit of your life and the twins..I know when I say it should be fun having these two siblings shout at each other over their preferences, you would roll your eyes. But I stand by what I say its fun than being lonely on celebrations. I miss the celebrations and the times when life and each moment of life was a celebration… even with Diwali approaching, its going to be just another day for me. So enjoy!
    Happy Diwali to you and family! I loved the pun against your hubby regarding buying!


  8. i wanna be there too…kolkata for once has no halloween day fun at all…n i ‘ve watched in movies that halloweens are really cool…with kids dressing up n going trick n treating…haww!!!i wish i could celebrate that way too!!!


  9. Your kids are adorable!!!
    Every Halloween (every bloody year) they show the Simpson’s Halloween series. and just now reading this, I pictured Bart as your son. B connection..

    Won’t lie, I do prefer these posts more than the stories at the moment. Nice to read about mummy Anne.
    This was a treat! Happy Halloween and Diwali!!


  10. I am incredibly late, but I hope you had a great Halloween and a wonderful Diwali.

    P.S. Your kids are adorable, especially when having arguments like these. LOL 😛 It seems like H will follow your footsteps to be a writer, all drama and flair. And B, awww he is so funny!
    God Bless them.


  11. Awww Anne your kids are so adorably cool!!! Bless them. This reminds me of such crazy conversations (read arguments) we siblings used to have a few years back. Except it was little noisier because we were three of us and a little more grown up than 9. And it was Dad instead of the demonic matriarch 😀 Mom used to sort of disown us at those times.:P
    Hope you had a great Halloween! And your daughter looks so cute !!!


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