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A regular is one who frequents a particular location or establishment often. They become a face and name restaurant or shop owners remember, and often take a liking to.

In the hospitality and service industry, regulars are every management’s dream come true. They’re solid, dependable customers who for their own reasons love visiting your establishment and spending their money there. It could be for the service, the food, the cozy rooms your hotel offers, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they keep coming back.

In the world of hospitality, regular customers are prized customers. Honest to goodness treasures who just by their presence usually have staff skittering around ready to wait on them hand and foot. Waiters remember not only their names, but also their favorite dish to order on a Sunday night, bartenders know when to pour them that double shot, the manager wavies off their dessert charge ‘just because,’ the reception clerk sees them approaching and beams “Your ocean view room is ready for you, Sir.”

You have a job because they keep coming back. And, they keep coming back because you do your job well.” – Strong words from an instructor during a training session we once took when I was working in the hospitality industry. I’ve never forgotten it, and even now when I visit a new restaurant or store, how I’m treated there directly affects whether I’ll return there in the future. I think it’s safe to say we all pretty much feel the same about service.

That of course doesn’t compare to when I stop by my favorite cafe, or a preferred store, be it for books or a particular grocery item I need. When the huz and I do one of our impromptu cafe visits for coffee, there’s this one place we end up driving to more often than any other. And once inside, we feel like we’re actually at home. I adore every single one of the servers there. They’re professional and incredibly nice.

Some might say I’m paying for all that, and sure I am paying for food quality and service. But, when I finish my meal and a cup of mint green tea is set down in front of me without me having had to order it, or when the server whispers “You might not want to order the shrimp today. Unfortunately, we got it frozen and not fresh.” and then proceeds to suggest an equally delicious but less expensive dish, then I know my cash is not the focus. He’s being kind. You can’t put a price on thoughtfulness.

Moral of the story? I love being a ‘regular’, and I also love regulars.

When I was working at the hotel years back, the regular clients who stayed with us were my favorites, and when I could, I let them know that they were. Why? Because they made my job easier and more enjoyable. Like the rest of the staff I was comfortable with these customers just as they were comfortable with us. We weren’t strangers to each other, they weren’t nameless faces we wouldn’t recognize if they visited again, we weren’t staff who didn’t remember their names. It was a two way street, a relationship of sorts, familiar.

A few posts ago we announced a winner here on the blog. She’s a regular, as are many of you who we see stopping by to read and drop us those little notes of love.

DW has completed one month of online presence today (Happy One Month Birthday to us!) and as we said in that post, our regular visitors have not gone unnoticed. We know you’re here because we see you, and because we see you so often, we look forward to seeing you more. Your presence is motivating and we thank you for that.

Now, I’ve been wracking my brain for a way to thank all of you who have been visiting and commenting here, and I seriously came up with… zilch.

But, then I thought ‘They’re coming here to read, so give them more to read.’ (I’m really very clever like that aren’t I? And oh so original. *snort*)

It’s not much, but this story was something I began a while back and never got around to finishing (too much on my writing plate which was stressing me out, a busy life, kids, and woe is me blah blah blah). – I plan to publish this one for the regulars here and hopefully soon. For now, it’s just my little way of saying ‘thank you’, and we hope to keep seeing you here on DW.

Much love,



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31 thoughts on “Regulars”

  1. Anne!

    There is a deep sense of pleasure , satisfaction and love in being a regular here. The words , the thoughts and the stories , they act like a companion in our time of solitude. Thanks to all you amazing ladies for sharing your world and the words with us!

    Nothing means to us more than you guys penning a simple word, it is a balm for a tired soul like mine! Just all of you stay healthy and happy!

    Loads of love and hugs , and sending Parisian macaroons your way!


  2. Are you serious? FAO??? Fuck Fuck Fuck, I am jumping here you know. I cant wait, OMG I really cant wait!

    Sorry to be jumping on the last part and effectively ignoring the first very important part, but you know how this makes me feel, right?

    Oh I dont know if I can be called a regular, but I do know, I make it a point to catch on every one of your posts, (trying to catch up on others here too, will get there slowly).

    In fact we should thank you all, for giving us this blog, where you guys post frequently and give us a chance to connect. Otherwise, you know how much I have missed all this.


  3. I am not regular one. Me all new to you all and WordPress. Actually it was my friend who recommended and even open the WordPress for me, yes she is sweetheart and I irritate her a lot. But the thing I wanted to say was that I am not regular but I would love to be regular if my family and job provide me with some time.
    I will be here as much as I can.
    FAO sounds promising. Will read as soon as its up here.


  4. I like being a regular here , thanks to all you ladies for your writing I love reading everything n I find all that here.
    I can’t wait to read again or let me say continue reading FAO .


  5. “You have a job because they keep coming back. And, they keep coming back because you do your job well.” – yep,favourite & immortal words of the hospitality & service industry…heard it a thousand times during training time and while working at/for the hospitality & service industry……

    I was rather hoping u wud restart ” Dance with Desire”…


  6. Hello Anne,
    I really look out for these posts – Eight in the morning. I dunno why but they are my favorites. While I keep the rest to a later time to read, these posts alerts as soon as they comes to my inbox, I take them out and give a quick read. It relaxes me and makes me smile.

    The words of your trainer was really a good piece of thought which I loved. “how I’m treated there directly affects whether I’ll return there in the future”– very true, I totally agree to it. Saturday I visited a Mac store and I really wanted to go there because last time when I was there they really made me feel good and of course, because of their incredible and genuine effort, my wallet was tsunami washed after I left the store. But I don’t regret it. But this time when I visited there, I wasn’t that happy its because of the treatment vibes you get from the sales people there. Their attitude puts you off. As I read your this post, this incident came to my mind.

    I loved this post, I guess it was the natural warmth in it which made me smile. I loved the frozen shrimp story. Those small acts really makes you feel special and loved. Its an awesome feel.


  7. O.M.G No ways!!!!! FAO again??????????????? I so wasn’t expecting this! Waiting for it!!!!

    I know I am not regular enough, I hope to be a regular someday too 😉 Thank you for the note!


  8. True. we all are regulars of sort and have some regulars of ours too. Regularity means familiarity of sorts which gives one a sense of being safe.
    Looking forward to the new story FAO


  9. That was really a lovely thank you note for your readers Anne and much appreciated too. Can’t wait for ur new FF, sounds kind of interesting. Many thanks for sharing such great work with us too!!


  10. I m sorry..i m not a regular..but would definitely try to..i understand that the effort that all u guys put to definitely deserves that sort of acknowledgement..Apologies!!..Looking forward to FAO..looks so exciting..


  11. good piece.. enjoyed reading! while reading the first few paragraphs, I had a thought, what makes a customer regular… I have never been in hospitality industry, neither do I have any knowledge about marketing or business studies stuffs.. but my experience says, sometimes its just luck! Most of the time I get biased to,a shop or cafe or establishment from my first visit there. I stop going there only if I find something really weird or unprofessional or bad there.. So basically its not the service primarily, its just a coincidence and absence of any discouraging factor makes me ‘regular’ there!
    anyways, after a few paragraphs, i noticed why you wrote this, and I felt kind of odd… because i was detached from DW (or anything of this kind, i.e. blogs or IF or FFs) for quite a long time!

    lastly, i would like to congratulate all four of you on the completion of one month of DW!


  12. FAO…salivating already. 🙂
    About being regulars…My dad’s job kept him, and us, on the move every few years. As a result we hardly ever stayed in a place beyond 3 years. Now, having finally lived in one place for over 20 years, there is a certain kick I get when shopkeepers, restaurateurs, or even the local peanut vendor recognize me, ask after me and the family and hand me my favorites without my even asking! Or sometimes slipping in a little chocolate or a fruit to the kids with a wink and a “shh, don’t tell mummy”.


  13. Ok, it’s first time here at the Regular’s lounge. But after I saw that FAO is going to be on air soon, I couldn’t just sit back and wait.
    I’ll try my best to be a regular though I am really busy with my uni work.
    looking forward to read it.


  14. And you all are my favorites! I’m looking forward to reading all your works here It helps me immensely and I’m so very grateful for your super talents n intellect n efforts n kindness n warmth you show towards us readers… All four of you really are amazing people and writers (:


  15. I have just started reading your blogs. Reading about Des righ to now. I am not the one who would talk much or share too much as a regular, but one who would come in, grab her favorite coffee and sip it in her cozy corner with her favorite fiction. I am one of those regulars. But I truly appreciate the brew, the cozziness and the story. Keep writing. Waiting for FOA.


  16. Anne, you probably hear this a lot, but excellent write up!.. It’s amazing how you and other writers can come up with so many words about something so mundane!..I want to write a lot of things about how much I love this post (and all the other 8 in the morning posts), but I suck at creative writing… :).. I would come here again and again to just read these posts..:)


  17. This comfort factor you talk about is what we seek in our everyday life, small moments we experience when we meet people we have met before who make that difference between a strange place & a known one.

    You transform from being a blip to someone with a root. Heck, you tend to delve into thoughts which we take for granted, I have never previously analysed the reasons before.

    I have been aware of your blog almost 7 months after it has been opened so I don’ know whether I qualify being a regular here. But I can empathise with the fact that you have created a zone of familiarity here with ‘regulars’ sharing views about ramblings & stories. This world needs some getting used to as I have previously belonged to that set of people who read books, reflect on them & move on to the next one – no sharing, interactions, debates other than live ones with friends who may have also read them.


  18. Loved this post. How so true about the regulars in our day to day life scenario’s. And it truly holds good to visiting DW. Lovely compilations of stories. Always a pleasure.


  19. Being Regular leads to familiarity, familiarity leads to bonding, and bonding leads to happiness….which we pursue incessantly in our life….
    Happy to be here! 🙂


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