DW Blog Tagline Contest!

As you’ve probably noticed, we’re kind of having difficulty coming up with a proper tagline for this place. Which if you think about it, is rather pathetic for four writers and their writing blog.

Stories and rambles we can do, but apparently coming up with a simple tagline causes our minds to blank out. 

So anyway,, we thought it would make for a great first DW contest, since we’re such lazy slobs who keep putting off a one time brainstorming session, and we hope you all will take pity on us and help participate.



Everyone is welcome to enter the contest.



  1. Contest begins today, October 06, 2013 and ends on October 14, 2013
  2. Not more than 3 entries per reader
  3. Only entries posted in the comment box of this blog post will be accepted
  4. The tagline should be simple and effective
  5. No entries with foul language will be accepted (even though we’re not prudes, but we’d like to keep it clean)
  6. Wit is always welcome
  7. Class and taste is also always welcome
  8. The tagline should relate to ‘writing’ in one way or another
  9. The tagline should not relate to lazy slob writers who cannot come up with a tagline
  10. Spam entries of any sort will not be considered, but we reserve the right to chuckle over them in private.


Selection Process

  1. Each DW writer will review all entries and nominate their choice
  2. From the final four selections, the tagline winner will be selected either via vote, lottery slips, or a four way caged, mud wrestling match.
  3. The winner will be announced via blog post, and will receive credit as well as a prize in the post.


Good luck, and we hope you enjoy participating… Because you know, we really, really need a tagline.

Love & hugs,

Sahar, Anne, Chani, and Rafa


10 thoughts on “DW Blog Tagline Contest!”

  1. Hello! I’m giving 1 for now before I forget the rhymes in my head.

    1.The wise man may have long ears and a short tongue, and they say knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens; I am not knowledgeable nor am I wise, I am just deep down in your mind, something you may despise.

    *I don’t know how long (or short?) taglines can be.
    **The “I” refers to all of your stories (although I have only read by 2 authors so far)


  2. I just saw this! I would love to come up with something, I don’t know if its will be good but a girl (more like woman) can try, right


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