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A tribute to a legend – Tom Clancy

When i saw the news that Tom Clancy had died it cast a gloomy spell on my day and i thought i would share my thoughts.

I was introduced to him by my father who loves anything related to war, espionage, CIA related things and Jack Ryan is one of his favourite characters.  When i first read the Hunt for the Red October i read it grudgingly but soon i was immersed in the tale and since then have loved all the books and even the movies, which is a rare thing for me. Usually if i like the book i hate the movie exceptions being Gone with the wind and The Godfather.

What i love about Clancy that his stories are always technically detailed and very well researched.  And the pace ( It’s not breakneck like Dan Brown) but it always urging and there is always a great deal to engross the reader.

He was also quite a prolific author, completing almost a book a year and he is the one author who i will say mastered the art of writing a  “thriller”.

He once said “You learn to write the same way you learn to play golf,” he said. “You do it, and keep doing it until you get it right.” Having started both i completely agree.

There is so much i learned from this man, about places i will never see and never get to, about military and tactical maneuvers and about people and writing. But also about writing real suspense,keeping you on the edge of your seat while bombarding you with a wealth in information and transforming you into a completely different world.

One quote that will stay with me forever is “”A lot of people think something mystical happens to you, that maybe the muse kisses you on the ear. But writing isn’t divinely inspired – it’s hard work.”

Thank you Mr.Tom Clancy, you were always a tremendous read.



2 thoughts on “A tribute to a legend – Tom Clancy”

  1. Oh God! I just came to know about this sad news , Thank you Channi, for putting this legend here. Have always admired his work. My most fav being The Sum of all fears and ofcourse The Hunt of Red October.
    Thanks Tom Clancy for your thrillers and Jack Ryan!


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