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The Reader and The Writer (01)

I’m posting very late today, because I think I had sunstroke all day which made me feel like crap. The heat is maddening here, and for all of you living in cooler and rainy climates… An invitation to come visit you would be nice right about now.

I’m not joking.

I have a confession to make today. With all the posts and chapters here on DW, (plus all my other oh-so-important work assignments, which by the way I’ll never stop reminding you I have to tackle daily… DAILY!) I realized that for the last week or so I’ve only been skimming over comments here on the blog, and that is not right.

It’s seriously been due to a lack of time and nothing else, because I’m usually one who reads every comment posted by readers everyday.

Sometimes I respond to questions directly in the comment box, other times I email a reader and at times that turns into long rambling discussions. This experience has been a great one for me personally, because I’ve made some good friends via email exchanges over the last couple of years of posting my stories on the web.

I have to say that one of the positives about writing to an online audience really is the feedback we receive almost instantly for our work, be it for story chapters or just regular blog posts. When it comes to stories though, it’s quite heartening when the writer can actually see a reader becoming more and more engaged in the story as it progresses.

And, I’m always both honoured and humbled when I see it happening to readers with something I’m writing. So yes, you are very special to me my darlings, and not just for your comment count.

Now, after much deliberation, I’ve decided to respond to all of you directly here on the blog via posts. I don’t know how often I’ll be able to do it, but rest assured I’ll give it my best shot for at least once every couple of weeks. Which means you will be seeing stuff up here from time to time that you’ve asked me, if you’ve wondered out loud about something, or because something you said caught my attention.

DISCLAIMER: I’ll respond to readers in no particular order and certainly not because I love some more than the ones I miss mentioning. I love all of you equally, and I’m a mother of twins, so trust me when I say I’ve learned how to do that simultaneously and pretty well over the years.

Let’s begin.

1. “Anne, where do you get so much energy from?”

The coffee maker in my kitchen. If that dies, I die.

2. “Oh my god, you have been writing for that long?”

I read this and thought “Oh my God this girl thinks I’m sixty or seventy years old because I said I’ve been writing for over twenty years!” – That whole night I half panicked and half laughed that many of you probably imagined me with silvery white hair, and dentures, stooped over a 1950s typewriter and only an oil lamp to light the room.

I was an early bloomer OK? And in more ways than one. So, I’m really not that old. I’m not even fifty, or forty. I’ll be at the big Four Zero in a few years though, and I keep hearing how it’s going to be awesomely frightening.

I’m not frightened yet.

3. “Dunkin Donuts or Cinnabon?”

For rolls, always Cinnabon. Mmmm

4. “Can we send you a small list of what ticks us off during these scenes?”

She means sex scenes, and my answer is hell yes, please do! Make it a long list, I’ll be happy to include it in a post. I’ll even credit you if you want.

5. “Is Desconocido a love story?”

With this story I’m attempting to write a shorter one than the ones I’ve written before. Which means it will probably have a lesser amount of chapters than my other stories. (That loud, annoying and disbelieving laughter you hear is from some of my old readers. Ignore them.)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to accomplish this maddening task of writing less for this one, but the genre I’m aiming for is Romantic Thriller. So if you like romantic stories with action and some drama, read on.

I think that’s a wrap for now. Oh, but before I sign off… Someone mentioned dark chocolate, and another one of you said ‘Belgian waffles.’ – I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but on the odd occasion I do indulge, those two are definitely high on my list.

There are some more questions I plan to answer when time permits, Also, some really insightful comments which made my day. And, I see a bunch of new readers sticking around which always makes me happy.

A special thank you for all the lovely compliments you guys so liberally dish out. But, more than that, thank you for taking the time out to read and participate here on DW. It means a lot to all four of us.

I’m going to think of a better way to thank you all for being here, but for now this post will have to do. In the meantime, if you have any questions or thoughts you want to share, feel free to post it in the comments section of this post. I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can.

Much love,



15 thoughts on “The Reader and The Writer (01)”

  1. We have 30+cm of snow right around the corner. You are more than welcome to come here and…”enjoy” this weather.
    Number 2. Add an ancient looking cigar to this picture.
    Number 5. My romantic side is galloping with joy.

    There is an immense happiness that bursts inside me (no cheese intended), when my inbox has a new post from you. I hate reading stuff on my phone, but if I’m away from my computer, I rush to read that as well. I’m eagerly awaiting for when a book(s) come out by you. Again, no cheese intended.

    Shucks we can’t insert pictures here.

    Like always, looking forward for more!


  2. Cinnabon it is then. The much awaited coffee!

    I love reading your rambles …… Missed the saturday one as had a very busy weekend. Will also start reading Desconocido …… and I kinda love your Lambi Lambi kahaniyaan . 🙂


  3. “I’m going to think of a better way to thank you all for being here …”
    I can’t think of a better way than what you are already doing right now …
    writing such amazing stories for us to read …
    Love you Anne …


  4. Bwahahahahahahahaha



    Oh yes, that was me laughing at this – “With this story I’m attempting to write a shorter one than the ones I’ve written before. Which means it will probably have a lesser amount of chapters than my other stories. (That loud, annoying and disbelieving laughter you hear is from some of my old readers. Ignore them.)”

    LOL 😛

    No but really, whether a story be short or long, you make it worthwhile. And its fun seeing these posts from you.

    And yes, you are most most welcome to the Obama-land! I will welcome you with open arms, and a mile wide smile, only if you bring him along (you-know-who). And No, if you come without him, I will not forgive you, though I won’t let you sleep outside in my yard.


  5. There you want to go away from the hot sunny weather here I want to run from the cold which is starting too early this year! Shall we change place?
    Coffee? Then you will like my husband, me a more of tea person, all kind of tea.
    This is a first story which I am reading coming from you ( dont count the some part of Parallel Passion on IF which was awesome btw). So I really dont know how long your stories used be but I really dont care…..I as long as I get to read ;).
    And I never thought that you where that old ;).
    Just want to say sorry in advance if you see me using some bad words in comment because when i get angry there is no way of stopping. So if I get mad at the characters then I will scold them hahahaha!
    One question before I go, will you post any of your old work for pretty people like me?


  6. Excuse me , but I might be having a moment here. woohoooooooooooo.

    So good to hear from you!.

    All right , I love everything you write, but I have always been curious about how you manage to keep the tense of the whole framework perfect. With all the flashbacks , voice overs and stuff, how do you keep an eye on it?

    I don’t think anyone creates character the way you do, yours are so real and impactful. My question would be, how do you manage to separate them from mixing with each other’s realms.

    Is it difficult to pick the threads of a story again after resting it for a while?

    What is the one thing that irritates you as a reader?

    Alright , I think these would do for now. But seriously Anne,its truly an honor to read you and now all these awesome girls as well. You people give us the perfect escape.

    Thanks Again!

    And you know when you visit London, my home and my heart would always welcome all for of you!

    hugs and love!


  7. We are having longer monsoons here in North India. Earlier the rains lasted till August and for the last couple of years we get to enjoy rains even in October. So lovely weather, cloudy skies. You are most welcome to enjoy that.

    For online readers this interaction with the writer is the positive thing.

    Enjoyed your answers to all the reader questions.


  8. Coffee?? Then will it be easy to bribe you? With a cup of a coffee..? But please be assured, i wont prepare it! I’m talking about a nice cup of it 😀

    20 yrs! Damn.. Yeah it feels as if you belong to my Mom category. You aren’t, are you? Dont spoil my imagination please by saying Yes/May be!!!!



  9. I hate when this happen. I wrote a long thought here but somehow it never got posted here! Maybe it will come later.
    So you are a coffee person then you will like my husband. I am more of a tea person, like all kind of tea.
    Here the winter is starting early so we can chance places if you want…I am more of a summer person.
    I didn’t have any chance to read any of your work before ( dont count that some part of Parallel Passion from IF, it awesome btw) so I actually dont know how long your stories are but I dont care as long as I get the chance to read ;).
    I didn’t think that you where old no no:).
    Would like to say sorry in advance if you see me using bad words or language in comments because when I get angry with character I will use them ;).
    One question before I leave, will you update your old work here as well for pretty people like me :).


  10. I liked this post bcoz it gave some idea about the person whose work I have been reading for sometime….makes it easier to comment ..and no faux pas committed while doing it 😉
    (some forum, her stories had lotta mature stuff,commented,writer replied-just 15 yrs old..opps!)

    btw,I thought u are/were in mid-20s stay-at-home mom with 3 kids(going omg,what age did she marry?!) -see what I mean?!


  11. wow…I am starting to write this comment half way reading this post. Do u know what made me do that? “Mother of twins” that phrase caught me, wow! 🙂 I love you. seriously cos its my dream to have twins which I dont think will happen in this lifetime..anyways I am so happy for you. Congrats! I know you do well as a mom. Oh ho! morning itself I have started on sentimental note.. Off to read the rest.
    OK now back. Your post made me smile, the way you answered the questions, more than that the way you present yourself in good humor, thats really a talent, I believe so. Because its not easy to share about yourself. Some really suck while trying to explain themselves about how they are or about their likes. But you got a witty sense of humor even when you mention about your age, your preferences…there is a positive radiance which comes off you through your words…thats a great blessing which you can shower on someone, similar to making someone smile. Thanks for sharing these small tidbits about you. I think I enjoy those personal posts more than your stories. It doesnt mean that your stories are behind, its just my preferences. Your personal posts reach out more than least to me..


  12. That loud, annoying and disbelieving laughter you hear is from some of my old readers. Ignore them.)

    LOL That really made me bwahhhahhhaa loudly. Anne do you remember when Chains of silver started, you had mentioned in a note that it would be a fairly simple less twists story. And finally the entire Chains series was singlehandedly responsible for my repeated emotional, mental and physical breakdowns. Yeah it was that exhausting! Yet I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything.


  13. Like! Like! Like!! seriously , from where do u get these awesome ideas? both for the stories and posts.
    and ‘mother to twins’!!! omg! how do u manage?? I love coffee as well, but the caffeine never gives me this energy boost.


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