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Chapter 2: A tryst with destiny

The electronic gate hummed as it slowly opened into the wooded driveway. Dante tapped his index finger impatiently while he waited to proceed. Out of habit he adjusted the rear view mirror and straightened his tie. A haunted face stared back at him and he rubbed his hand over his mouth ruefully. He slowly drove down the manicured driveway towards the 19th century villa.Β  It was years since he had been here last yet he had always found the simple beauty of the house rather remarkable. It was a simple square structure but it was the woods and the vast gardens with perfectly manicured hedges that gave it its appeal. Massimo had bought the villa years ago and kept it in perfect condition. He did not conduct business here, in fact nobody knew who owned or lived here. It was an intensely private fortress, his sanctuary. Only the trusted were allowed.

He had been summoned.

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Chapter 3

Β© C N Fernando 2013


25 thoughts on “Chapter 2: A tryst with destiny”

  1. Read both the chapters together. It makes me want to read the whole story at once right now πŸ™‚ Not too many writers make me want to do that these days

    Sounds like a thriller so its right up my alley.

    Reading your work for the first time after subscribing to the blog on anne’s recco. Pretty interesting reads between u four. Keep it going


  2. Here we go… MEAT! I love it when meat enters a story. All raw and bloody, fresh from the cut, just waiting to be washed clean and seasoned before you toss it on the grill.

    I’m fascinated with the character of Blake and was right from chapter one when she and Dante met in the elevator during their walks of shame.

    And oh you’re smooth with how you so casually informed us of the raging battle of the sexes which is going to dominate the hell out of this story. And I don’t mean attraction/love/hate/remorse and all that bullshit. This is on another level and I can feel it. I see how this is going to be high stakes and drama, fast paced situations for the players who live hard and play harder.

    Ahh you’ve taken me where I haven’t been for a long time, Chan. And, I love you for it.


  3. Finally we have name for those beautiful faces! So they will meet again but things going to be complicated.
    So Blake is a relationship, kind of! I like Milo!
    Let see how Dante will handle this!


  4. OH! My…….. this was smooth like butter knife. Some thing was so deliciously sinister and mysterious about this one. I smell a heady mix of , Senza, Sesso and Scacchi.

    Dante Oh Dante- So you wear it like your namesake, planning to pull a La Divina Commedina on us.There is something so sharp, cold and sexy about him. The fact that he seems so sure, observant and man of few words makes me exciting as hell. It’s like noone would be absolutely comfortable with him , if thrown together in a room. He seems remarkable detached and calm. Eerily, I dig him like hot a black current chocolate cake. Yum!.
    So he is a front man, yet i see a strange power in him. It’s like he is his own man in some sorts. he seems of a higher pedigree , what and why. Cannot wait.
    He is all sex , gun and money to me. Is he going to be a bad guy ,I will end up shedding buckets of tears and making moon eyes. Sign , I will just re-stock my choco bars.

    Luca- loyal, normal Italian household, Pasta -pizza and a shrewd mind. Can be someone’s eyes and ears. Smiling yet most perceptive.

    Massimo- I had legit chills while you described him. I felt uneasy as you cannot suspect who he really is because of the way he presents himself. It’s so Mafia in real sense. Like he can happily be plucking a rose from the garden and in the very next second will chop off a head with the same knife. Deadly. He has groomed Dante for more than 15 years now , you see his pride in his eventual product , a sense of appreciation for his blood and definitely arrogance for Dante’s loyalty. I want to know more about him. But this is something he has waited for a long time, was this project the reason for creating Dante?

    Milo- typical, Race driver.He is going to be wild card. He with his car will never get me to the bed. No sir, he is too narcissistic and arrogant for my taste.

    Blake- She is fearless, unconcerned and she puts the race driver to a good use. I like her but something about her is utterly sad and tragic. Sophisticated sexy and appears to be someone who would strut in a Valentino to bed yet won;t give a damn about money or its honeys.

    So, He has her picture in his hand. Mission Impossible Project: Difficult for the French Parliament too handle? Hot.

    How the destiny will tie these together will be interesting. I see a bullet somewhere. What cards will he play and how will she retaliate.

    Channi, I hope yo could see just how badly I want to star in this tale , I am HUGELY invested in this, should be a ride for the ages.

    Loads of wishes , love and hugs.


  5. A tryst with destiny…indeed.
    She was intriguing then and is more so now.
    “Like a black mamba”…the strike will be deadly and venomous.
    Want to learn more about this “subject”. The intrigue, the top echelons of wealth and power, people who have been fashioned uniquely due to their environment – the entire premise is fascinating. Waiting eagerly for more.


  6. Blake is such a enigmatic character to read about. If there’s one I know about her after two updates is that she is unpredictable, lady like yet wild, obviously flippant yet hidden in some way.
    So Dante is out to destroy her? Oh well, I am sure it won’t be all that easy young man. The woman is a force to reckon with. Thank you for the update Chani!


  7. There is something about the way Massimo observes Dante that seems that he thinks of him as something subhuman, like a dog that he holds affection for but at the end of the day he’s just a dog.

    And I love the name Blake… and how she is such a commitmentphobe!!


  8. I am not familiar with ur works however whatever I read in the last 2 chapters, I liked it..Alot! πŸ™‚
    the flow of the narration was smooth and the story,itself,is intriguing ..the Monaco setting gets thumbs up!
    joining the ride πŸ™‚


  9. Highly intriguing! Blake , I like the name and Dante. I wonder how much independence Dante has got, is he a puppet of Massimo? I just want to read it fast πŸ™‚


  10. Mystery and intrigue……. loved how you have started to set up the scene….. Bit more info about both the main charcters and now they are going to clash together ..looking forward to reading more


  11. OMG he is gng to destroy her family. Dante’s character is such a mystery. Now two new characters …..
    Millo n Blake I have a feeling its the Blake who was the girl Dante met…. its really very interesting.


  12. =) love love LOVE!!!
    Blake n Dante (X
    Wondering if this attachment n love phobe Blake would open her heart and stop escaping these emtions for the wrong man
    It’s saddening to know tht the beautiful meet of these two is going to go to such a waste..
    Looking fwd to their nxt meet! And also a lil more info on Massimo’s reasons for hating on Blake – I don’t like him /x


  13. the girl and dante will duke it out…i wonder to what means?…and the blake-milo storyline, i wonder whether the two story lines are linked or completely separate?


  14. We are only on chapter two and this story is so addictive……if this were a book, I would read it all in one sitting and gladly read throughout the night!!!… I wish it was book, coz then I wouldn’t have to wait and be patient for more chapter!!!! Loving these intrigueing characters……oh and a names are so cool too!!! Many thanks


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