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Saturday Sounds – 01


There’s something about music playing in the house on a weekend morning which always puts me in a good mood. There’s something about music, period.

Am I right?

On Saturdays, I usually have to plug in the earphones, because the little people are home and indulging in back to back episodes on The Idiot Box the television.

And, I love those earphones, I might even worship them a little bit. Because, they protect my eardrums from the headache inducing and screeching stick figure animations which are a mother’s bane.

My taste is music is mainly old school (and I will always thank my parents for the wonderful music they listened to while we were growing up, making it such a big part of our lives, not to mention the memories they bring back.) I’m also a huge fan of rock music, and other than that, enjoy everything from country to alternative. And, because I love to dance, that’s always a โ€œmust listenโ€ for me.

If you’re wondering whether I dance around the house while the music is playing.

I do. Often.

It makes my kids laugh, and then run away blushing when I insist they dance with me. Sadly, they’ve reached the age where their parents are clearly becoming minor embarrassments. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have five songs added to a new playlist I thought I’d create for Saturday blog posts to share with you. Today’s ones are oldies, but those awesome goodies which make you want to sing along off key at the top of your lungs, and make your neighbours wonder what the hell you’ve been smoking so early on a weekend morning.

If you have music you like/love/can’t live without listening to, post it in a comment here and I’ll make a Readers Playlist too and hook it up to my page. I think it’ll be fun.

Hope you all are having an awesome weekend!

Much love,


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10 thoughts on “Saturday Sounds – 01”

  1. Stars.

    I have become mildly obsessed with their music lately (probably because their music just seems very relevant to TDP) and because the lyrics to some of their songs are just so bizarre- each song is essentially a story.

    My favourite is probably Calendar Girl.

    I’ve also had Crooked by G-Dragon on repeat (I thought it was a feelgood song, then I saw the music video and was like ‘This doesn’t seem quite so feelgood anymore.’, then I looked up the translation of the lyrics… I kind of love it even more now. For your typical London backstreets (might be of interest for Munchy too), the music video might be useful. Dem council estates in the background are pretty standard for the areas described in earlier chapters of CR- though obviously not Bedford ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I grew up with Lata,Rafi,Mukesh,Saigol,Mehndi Hasan,Jagjit Singh,Habib Wali MOhammad,Nayara Noor and Musarrat Nazir.My dad was more into urdu songs. He had the collection of Abba and Billy Joel.

    Nowadays I wait for sunday afternoons to hear the Red Baron show on FM 89


  3. My childhood Saturdays and Sundays (aka cleaning days) would be “blasting” with Bhangra music (Mama being Punjabi). We’d dance our way to cleaning. Nowadays, with University starting and all, I play 6 hours of Beethoven on Youtube in the background to get my brain cells flowing.

    Can we add some Bhangra to the playlist :D?


  4. Music………….. Love how you call them “little people”. I need the beats early in the morning to take the covers off and get started on the day. Listen to everything under the sun. As long as it makes me dance I am all for it!


  5. Anne, you paint an awesome picture, I could imagine you dancing while your little people shakes their head in defeat! ๐Ÿ™‚ Music always helps, be it weekend or week day. It offers a solace, companionship, sometimes provides an outlet to the buried emotions. I would love to share one song which always helps me —-


  6. Music, what can I say!
    music makes me feel calm, peaceful, fresh, energetic and what not. Some songs was away my weariness from the day’s activities in a glimpse.
    I do like oldies, but as a girl who’s just stepped onto her twenties and someone who’s obsessed with Korean dramas, i love Korean songs, Hindi songs, English songs of these days.
    And just reading your post made me want to meet your “little ones”. The way you put it I find them quite adorable ๐Ÿ˜€


  7. Music…. everyone loves music, don’t they?

    Growing up in a multi-cultural background, gave me access to music of different backgrounds, namely – Malay, Chinese, Tamil, English, Hindi, Punjabi music (including Kirtan). Even the Indonesian songs were kept up to date! The English songs that I loved were from the Royal Australian Air Force channel.

    Then I had a Spanish colleague – so, Spanish songs of Julio Iglesias were played in the car. The American gave me a earful of honky-tonk music, tracks of Randy Travis, real cowgirl songs.

    When I went to Taipei, the rage was Ricky Martin, Coco and the radio played loads of Hokkein music. It was just fantastic!!!

    These days (according to my daughter and nephews), my choice of music is staid. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    So, I wait until everyone is out before I blast my music. And am lucky that no more ‘little people’ in the house who shake their heads at me.


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