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Balmy Afternoon

It’s a beautiful sunny afternoon and i am so excited that finally the four of us got together and did this blog, which we have been taking about for a while now.

Who am I?   What am i? Well… the jury is still out on that one but basically i am an obsessive reader, a dreamer and a closet poet and also a writer. I am passionate about everything old, books, songs buildings, people everything.  But on the other hand i am also crazy about everything new and everything that’s happening now. I am inspired by everyday things, the big and the small and always marvel at all the amazing possibilities life throws at us.  Yes i am an optimist and a kid at heart.

This is going to be our space where we share our ideas and stories. Currently I have a couple of ongoing stories which i will post here and one which i am nursing quietly. That is my baby and it’s on a re write and when I say re write… it’s kind of an overhaul. But I am loving it and i will share once it’s completed.

Now i must give fair warning, my updates are not going to be regular or super fast and sometimes i will struggle for time with my day job because but i will be here and the updates will come.

Thank you for stopping by and i hope you will stick around and enjoy this blog.




17 thoughts on “Balmy Afternoon”

  1. What a personality! that’s what I felt when I read about who am I..:-). There are some similarities in all of us right? for we all have somewhat conflicted and contradicted likes and dislikes. Like you I am too an obsessive reader hence waiting greedily for the stories..


  2. I have read Anne’s, Munchy’s and Arisai’s work . This is my first time at reading your works Chani. But I have heard so much about you and your works that I already have butterflies in my stomach . it’s an honour to read such masterpieces on one platform. Thank you for allowing us to do that! Wishing you success in all your endeavours! MUah ❤


  3. Awooo it’s such a delight to have you all here on one forum like this (X
    Jus one problem tht I’m unable to post comment on your work… I think it is jus your space n pieces I’m struggling with.. ): … I’ll try again now tht I see my comments being posted here n my last one too… LOVE LOVE LOVING YOUR WRITING!!


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