Anne, Eight in the Morning


When it’s 8:00am, it’s time to write.

My second cup of coffee gets poured at 7:45 am daily, not long after I shove my husband and kids out the front door and on their merry way (Yes, it’s always merry. I was blessed with chirpier-than-birds-at-sunrise- kids, and I still can’t figure out why.)

After they leave, I have a quick shower, then trot off to the kitchen, grab a steaming cup of coffee, and spend the next fifteen minutes messing around doing important stuff like checking Twitter (very important for about forty full seconds), rolling my eyes at Facebook status updates (not so important, but you know you do it too, so hush), and reading some of my favorite blogs.

But, at 8:00 I stop all that, and write.

It doesn’t matter what I throw up there on my LibreOffice Writer document, but I generally don’t pause till I have at least a thousand words staring back at me off the screen.

Once that’s done, I ignore typos and curly red lines under words American English wants me to know are wrong, and I pat myself on the back, smile with pleasure and congratulate myself on being a super cool and efficient writer drenched in golden, shimmering, awesome sauce.

I’m not kidding.

OK, I am. But it’s what I want to do instead of swearing out loud at the curly red lines and then leaving my poor laptop alone, resting my eyes for twenty seconds, and then mucking about the house making sure everything is in order, because you know… Someone has to.

Then I write again for a few hours with voices screaming in my head β€œFinish fast, now, before you have to go pick up the small but loud people, and they are here again being all noisy and in-your-face-children-like!” (I love my kids, I swear.)

So, I think you get the picture. I write.

At present I have a lot of writing assignments (mostly self-assigned). For one thing, I decided not long ago that I should, or rather must rewrite a story I had completed. And, let me tell you, darlings, rewriting is not editing for typos.

It’s madness.

It’s also fun and one of the best learning experiences I’ve had since I began this journey. And when the second draft is completed and I rip it to shreds like I did the first draft, and then write the third one, and the world of traditional publishing nods its approval my way, I will let you know.

Aside from that, I have another ongoing story which I’m working on, and then there is this blog too. I plan to post here at least twice a week for starters, with a ramble every Wednesday (if I can manage it), as well as one chapter of a story either every weekend, or Monday.

I haven’t yet decided on which of my previous stories I want to post here, or if I want to altogether write a new one (one day I’m going to hit myself over the head with a hammer for thinking this way when I have no time for more and can’t afford to think this way.) But I’ll work that out and have something for you to sink your teeth into soon enough. That’s a promise.

Till then, I hope you enjoy browsing around the blog. Be sure to check out the posts by the other fantastic writers here, let your friends know, follow us on Twitter and keep a lookout for our Facebook page which is coming soon.

I’m happy to see a lot of my regular readers gallavanting (this got a curly red line) around here already, and some new readers who I’m looking forward to getting to know soon.

Thank you all for being here, and do drop us a comment when you can. We’d love to hear from you.




31 thoughts on “Writing”

  1. Ok So that’s how Anne, the homemaker as well as writer’s day is. The way you have written about your kid, home, coffee, laptop, typos, rewriting and above all about yourself makes me smile and can frame you in my mind’s eye. Looking forward to read your works and trust me when I say this – you are an awesome writer because under compulsion, dictation, or pressure I can never write with a time schedule.


  2. Awww sweetheart ❀ You make me smile, every time! I am so glad you guys have started this, I was just telling Muffin this morning, I cant wait to read what you guys post here! Along with your awesome ramblings, a story or two!

    Good to see you here – off to read other posts here!


  3. OMG, Anne.

    I am blushing. You do know I pull all the theatrics when you are around. After reading this , you just seem more real, like more magical and more brilliant. Don’t think I can ever tire of saying how absolutely privileged I am to have the honor of reading your words. They just brim with life.

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  4. Happy to hear about your new venture along with some other awsome writers, Anne! I’ve read the works of all of them except Telefanforever’s.So, looking forward to read her stuff.
    I’ll be sure to visit this blog when time permits ! πŸ™‚

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  5. That sure sounds like a great and fun start to a not sure about the realities of it, but when you put it down like that, i envy you a little ( it includes only the sitting in front of the laptop and typing away part, and not the kids and looking after the family part..!!)

    will watch out for more from you πŸ™‚

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  6. You know don’t take this the wrong way, but your ramblings and random thoughts AND Author’s notes are way more awesome than your stories! And that is something right? Because even you know how fantastic your stories are ❀


  7. Once that’s done, I
    ignore typos and
    curly red lines
    under words
    American English
    wants me to know
    are wrong, and I
    pat myself on the
    back, smile with
    pleasure and
    myself on being a
    super cool and
    efficient writer
    drenched in golden,
    awesome sauce.
    I’m not kidding.
    OK, I am. But it’s
    what I want to do
    instead of swearing
    out loud at the
    curly red lines


  8. Anne, dearest! πŸ˜‰
    You sure have a way with words, don’t you? I mean, c’mon! Who’d be able to go on giving details about her daily routines and stuff like that and still manage to get the reader feel how awesome you are and how wonderful your lifestyle is?! I’m pretty happy with mine, I swear, by the Almighty’s grace but I can never one it down in such an effective manner as to put a warm feeling in the hearts of people, I’m certain!πŸ˜„And that sure is a huge thing, for me at least!πŸ˜‰
    You’re so lively, me loves that! I wish I’d known you in person and that’d really have made a huge difference in me as a person! Company affects one and his personality, the attitude and perception of life and the approach one has towards it! But, now tags I’ve somehow found my way here, I plan to know y’all better and absorb all the goodies you’ve to offer!πŸ˜„
    At forte when I read how you’ve no idea your kids are so chirpy in the mornings, I had a good laughy-smile! You know the goofy grin that usually annoys others, yeah-that! Then I took a moment to appreciate your wonderful twins, bless them! Touchwood!😍 Moving further, I was surprised at how one could be so positive as to not get irritated with spell-check and grammar corrections but also how one can take it coolly and love it too?!😳 Then I found out the reality and I fell in love with you and your ways of description, even more if possible! I’ve to tell you, I’ve not read any stories on the blog, just found my way here, yesterday!πŸ˜‰ I plan to, but the posts were so awesome I couldn’t get past without giving it a read, which is new for me! I usually skip such posts you see!😝
    I’d definitely give a read to your stories, dear! Would love to have something to look forward to! πŸ™‚
    Much love,


  9. This is how you multitask! Knowing how you get us those stories makes it so much more valued. This whole medium of blogs to express oneself is something new to me regarding its strengths, whether of the writer or the reader.
    This window you open up to your world is interesting & provides a face to the persona behind those awesome stories we are lucky to read.


  10. Just love the way you play around with the words. So straight forward and real. Looking forward to reading through the blog slowly. Just love you 8o’clock slot.


  11. i’m at my second coffee now,and is 8:30 ! and it is much better than the first one,at 6,because is warmed up with your …how can ii define? is not a story,is not a page from a diary,is more like a letter.a letter ,or like a day dream sort-of fragment from a short movie,because i can pictures your cup,near your laptop,and the writer herself,scrutinizing time to time ,the house,for one invisible out of place ,something,and then,pick up the steamy cup,curse the red underline ,and instant, it’s almost audible the little wheel of your grey cell,creating..


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