Where are all the Christmas Posts?

I have no idea what could be holding the two big upholders of Christmas back. It’s December 5th already, and there’s nothing on this site which even suggests the festive season is just.round.the.fucking.corner. Except the timely WordPress snow all over the blog.

Wtf is happening?

I mean, hello… CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!

So, since, it’s totally normal to start throwing blame for anything that’s lacking, I feel the blame for all the absent Christmas posts should go to Chan.

Of course, I say that only because I got to the ‘Add New Post’ section first, but hey, I have waayyyyy too much responsibility on my shoulders right now, and the weight of those four tickets is just killing me.

Did I say tickets?

Yeah, the huz is nodding. I said tickets (like literally out loud as I typed. It’s like LOL only in this case TOL.)

Anyway, blah blah and back to tickets. Four tickets to be precise, because when is life ever fair without your children tagging along everywhere with you right? I mean, Jesus Christ, just let Mom go on a little getaway to Sri Lanka all by herself why don’t you?

OMG did I say Sri Lanka?

You should see how much I’m grinning right now. It’s like this big, ghastly grin of gleefulness all over my face. It’s actually been there for the last few days since our visas came in.

So, long story short.

It’s Christmas in Colombo, baby!

But, bigger than that… and I’m talking huge, mega, out-of-this-fucking-world epic… This is going to be the first ever DW Writers meet up. Chan and I finally get to meet after way too many years of being online besties and all that crap.

To answer your burning questions… Yes, we will be documenting all our precious moments together, yes there will be a lot of live blogging going on (you’ll catch most of it on Instagram and Twitter, but also here on the DW blog when time permits), and yes you get to be part of all the fun, drama, excitement and festiveness this year too. Only bigger and better.

So, while it’s been a long time since we’ve posted here, we hope what’s coming up will have made your wait worthwhile.

As always, thanks for being here and sticking with us, and we hope you plan to spend some of your Christmas with us too.

Happy Holidays to everyone!



P.S. It’s a few weeks to takeoff for me, so I’m a manic OCD mess as usual. Will try and post pre-take off updates when I can.




Happy Diwali

A very special wish for all our readers celebrating Diwali. May the New Year bring you all an abundance of happiness, good health, peace and prosperity.

Enjoy the celebrations, stay safe, and light up the night!

Much love,

Anne & Chan

A Glimpse into My Hometown


12072754_10153529228145239_596515462060798218_nPhoto by Alison Pereira

A friend of mine snapped this gorgeous picture on his return flight to Karachi from Dubai last week, and looking at it I realized I haven’t really shared much about my home town here with all of you.

It’s a great picture, and captured perfectly. This guy knows his photography. The image shows one small part of the southern tip of our coastal city, and possibly the most popular beach. On the right you’ll see a suburb, the left is the Arabian Sea hugging a long stretch of road called Sea View, a hang out for locals, especially on weekends.

Sea View’s entrance begins with the golden arches of McDonald’s. Further, on a stretch there are camels on the beach, and horses and electric go-carts you can rent to ride. Snack shacks offering local and international fast foods dot the promenade, and among them stand hawkers with barrows of roasted corn and nuts, flasks of hot chai, freezer boxes of ice-cream, or just crates of cold drinks and bottled water.





e204d5bbd19daefeb3ce9d714d86a394_1024The food street at the other end

I drive down this road daily for my kids school commute, and it is 10 minutes of pure bliss each way.

The sea and I have always been good friends, but city life is hectic, and sadly, I wouldn’t get to see much of it unless I made it a point to visit, even though I live less than 15 minutes (in traffic) away. But, since my kids started at their new school this year, this is the road I prefer even though I have a couple of other options.

In the mornings, it’s like driving through heaven. The beach is deserted but for a few lone runners, all the little shops are locked up tight, and the animals have yet to make an appearance.




In the afternoons there is a sleepy feel to the air, common for beach towns where life moves at a slower pace. Cars don’t rush manically here as they would further in the city. I imagine people taking the route feel the lull of the waves like I do, that they enjoy the glints of sunlight on the water and marvel at the peace, revel in the stillness. There isn’t much of that in the life of the average Karachite, and especially not the ones who commute through the city.



My daily drive

If you ever visit Karachi, I’d probably take you to Sea View first and cajole you into going for a camel ride. We would definitely catch a beautiful sunset later, and in true Karachi spirit head to the food street so you could sit just literally over the water and enjoy some seafood barbecue. We’d stop at the more crowded part of the beach later for a walk and of course, chai!

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my city. If you’d like to see more of this world headline making notorious part of Pakistan, let me know. We have more than just bombs here. 😉

Thanks for stopping by.

Much love,



Wow, That Was a Long Hiatus

Hello people!

I thought about writing a really long post and telling you all how occupied I’ve been the last couple of months, and how I lost track of the blog because things happened and my usual I’m-so-awesome-at-writing-and-scheduling-blog-posts self couldn’t cope. But, I decided why bother y’all with the details of all the catastrophes which kept me from you? All you need to know is that Chani and I did not have a falling out and kill each other. She’s alive and I’m alive.

And, I did not get divorced either.

I know right? I’m still wondering why it didn’t happen, (the divorced part, not the might-not-be-alive part) because the huz had plenty of reason all summer, but somehow, he just didn’t serve up those papers. Honestly, sometimes I think I married the patron saint of patience or something. Strange man.

Anyway, it’s not like I have been completely offline. I’ve been spending some time on social media, mostly Instagram and actually liking it. Such great visuals, and that way there aren’t many annoying words from sanctimommies, angry armchair activists, and internet heroes ala Facebook, know what I mean?

Ha! Facebook remains the bane of my online existence, but only because I can’t be bothered to delete half the people on my ‘Friends’ list. The last time I did, I received some inbox messages which were quite woeful.

“Wow, you always were a bitch.” They said. “Thanks for unfriending me… bitch.”

“I hadn’t seen you in 15 years.” I replied. “But, then you friend requested me and I accepted even though we weren’t really close in school. After that I never heard from you even when I sent you messages. But, then I’d sometimes see you would randomly Like one of my pictures from nine years ago. It made me feel like your eyes were all over my page and it was an eerie feeling ok? Like being watched through a window in the movie Scream. Do you remember how Drew Barrymore was alone in the house when that call came, and she was happily chatting with the caller, then got uncomfortable and was all like “Why do you want to know my name?” And, the psycho, murderous caller said “Because, I want to know who I’m looking at.” And, then Drew nearly peed her pretty pants with fear? Yeah, that’s how I feel sometimes on Facebook with all my silent friends who send out “I’m WATCHING YOU.” signals. So, I had to unfriend you, For my own sanity (and because I don’t want to end up like Drew.)”

Drew Barrymore in Wes Craven's "Scream"

“Yup. Still a bitch.” They said. “Always were, always will be. I hated you in school. I STILL hate you, BITCH.”

“Oh God, are you lurking outside my house waiting to stab me?” I asked. 



And, got blocked.

So, I don’t feel up to unfriending people now, and they go on being their usual annoying selves, and I keep getting a headache about five minutes into viewing my newsfeed.

I do like some groups on there though, and we have a Deranged Writers Page which I thought of adding a discussion forum too for chats and stuff. If y’all are on FB then come visit us, annoying or not, it is still easier to post a quick note to Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch than it is to WordPress from my phone (I’m anal about formatting blog posts and need my computer for that.)

I hope you all had a wonderful summer, (tell me all about it in the comments) and are looking forward to the chilly months as much as I am. Fall is right around the corner, and I’m thrilled. Yes, I know all you cold climate people hate that, but think of how stupid summer really is the pretty colors.

It’s good to be back. I have literally no plans for blog posts or anything like that, so most probably will be winging it for a while till I get on track. That of course means more inane posts like this one for a bit.

You’re allowed to criticize and throw tomatoes, but please don’t kill me.

See you all soon.




P.S. Don’t forget to tell me about your summer.

Duchess of Dresses!

As a rule I don’t wear dresses, skirts (long/ short/midi) unless it’s a rare occasion. This is possibly because 1) I have thin idiotic looking legs (chicken most likely) 2) My school uniform which I wore with absolute hate for a decade . 3) I am a bit clumsy and have this mortal fear of the wind flaring up my skirt and having to frantically cling on to it in order to save my modesty ( this happened twice after which I stopped wearing flared skirts) but if there is one person on earth who inspires me to wear one then its Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge a.k.a Kate Middleton.

I don’t know whether its her wonderfully athletic, ridiculously toned body or her confidence that makes the knee length, rather plain, A line shifts look absolutely ravishing.

I know that we are in this era where we celebrate liberation in all forms of dress and wearing nipple pasties and a thong seems an acceptable dress code for most award ceremonies and even black tie events but somewhere deep inside me I do admire this rather demure, old school style of modest dressing. Maybe that makes me a prude or some backward hack but I still like people who dress in a classy way and the Duchess is certainly a class apart.

0d87a19c80da144bca4b8fd73f7b67fe 1d142b98d888f6f8d52f50cced0e49f1 2fcdd0fdc2588044c0d4b429ca775899 6f90ec371f97f200e14d25abeee0db19 30f6b5ec6d2087b6afb727c9a7c223b8 51b6a98f8d9e6d4b4ecf3d8b182fc3d8 79b195a4dc62a5059255f3082bd19d79 91f9bd5eedf847a864f52864b1775726 179c2c00a0d90fa42034d0a897118ae8 729ed72523786a38cf96c19cdcdcb4bd 3471e119200d52621c414b272e0bde3c 0344092ab8cfc3b4a557d2979269c9a2 834239cd9c3b86f04cb91f365d3f445c 18764304441c0ff0b9e5b6d1d91f76c9 4083630672594b30383229dfe57f88c5 a3dc14259c6bb1e514a261087c553e8c a34a29dbf96e267d036222fb979eded1 a55a16b0933cc7939b4a53eb30dae8f5 a95f133bbc22107fa7800d44963b65bb b3b7c19ca8b861fff9676f7b40420dec b544f0141dd476d457d5cac77fb16080 b0545cade095b1ae4214b7d83b50dd9b c3aeb354627d70ee8c074b30a0ad4a3a c9cd08497293a907bf4aa01edead7497 c69be720918fe6e54a413d532c4f096a c882ff523a41d8fbf785fbfd19cd237f c586420bb8f508e5ffa5c2d52d22571b c874329a44e8baa23e99b4f762fbff5d cbc8d170f6a57c420ff104601e3a3a62 cc1022ad913feab80680a44db27f17a6 d0261fa9bf6cfa8980b6d2b8bc1b5226 eab37a11f06128d6655333ac2a3c6f79 eb18f5de3471fbca508d7962e3efce7b eeba602ef14eb6fbd7f2183ed70dbf39 f5cd0c4a61c001dbd8f59c30acaa8e48 f6bbefc36ca2f68103c52489ce949e01 f60d0f513e820ec36dd96ee2cf8671a6 ff7b6e3e744782657245f01ebeae56a2   Kate-Wimbledon-June-28-2011-White-Temperley-Moriah-Dress-2-shots-Kelvin-Bruce-Nunn-Polaris-850-x-888  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge  in the Royal Box on Centre Court during day nine of the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 4, 2012 in London, England.