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Just a quick note to re-direct those requesting for access to my most recent story. If you would like to read it, please request access here. Please note, this story is not Mystic Skies, and it is not being posted in The Lounge.

I will be re-opening MS in the new year and will let you all know when I do that.

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Sneak Peek 1

He drew an object out of his pocket, and she briefly glimpsed something glittering. He stepped even closer and wrapped whatever it was around her neck. His hands moved under her hair at her nape, and there was the faint click of a clasp.
It was a heavy necklace, and she cautiously swallowed against the solid band encircling her neck. It also fit perfectly, as though it had been sized just for her. Just like the dress and shoes he had sent earlier. 
So, he was obviously losing his mind, she thought, because this growing interest in what she wore was simply ridiculous. Was he a man, or some eight year old girl with a new dress-up doll?


New Story Invites

Thank you for stopping by to check out all the story teasers. It’s nice to see the excitement, and also many familiar faces back here on DW. ❤ Apologies if I haven’t published all the comments, but it’s been a little hectic here and I will get to sorting through the comment box as soon as I can.
I’ll also be sending out invites soon, so if you’d like to read the upcoming story, please drop your email in the comment box below (I won’t publish them.) You all should receive an invite after the 25th.
Hope everyone is ready for some cozy fall/winter reading. 

Teaser 3

It was about holding on just that little bit longer. As happy as you were to watch her take that step into her new life, as much as you had danced and celebrated her new union, the uncharted courses which awaited her, as deeply as you wished with all of your heart that she would only live joyfully where she was going, there was also a part of you, a tiny part that wished it wouldn’t be all joy. 

You also wanted her to shed a tear or two, just sometimes, to look back with reminisce, maybe a little yearning, a sigh, a bittersweet smile. Memories.

You didn’t want her to be all happy and only joyful in her new home. You wanted her to think of you, and want to call you, and tell her new partner that he really didn’t measure up to her partner at home. The real one. The original. 

You wanted her to miss you, just like you were going to miss her. It was why you were here still, lingering back and looking for ways, any little way to remind her to do that, or maybe just not let her go.