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You know, once you start cleaning, it doesn’t stop right?

I pulled my old lappy out of a pile of tech-crap the huz thought he could keep hidden in a storage closet. Fourteen years of marriage and he still thinks I won’t investigate every nook and cranny in my house for no reason. He’s an eternal optimist. 😆

Anyway, so after ranting wondering out loud about things which should have been sorted years ago, I turned on the old laptop and came across a document from 2013. These were original notes I had made for a story that I wrote 35 chapters of, before life began to take a nosedive and get a bit out of control. That was the year we launched this blog and sadly for me also the time I had two stories in progress which I let fall to the wayside.

I won’t rehash that time, because 2013 wasn’t the best year for me in many ways.

So, I was reading these notes last night (which made me share the Reminisce post with you all,) and I came across this passage I remember first jotting down on the back of an electric bill, because it just came to me and I had to pen it down. 😆

The passage ended up fitting so well with an idea that had been brewing in my head, that after a few weeks of mulling it over, I wrote 10 chapters of the story and decided to start sharing it online. This particular character (who I will call ‘K’ 😉 ) was one of my favorites that I had written. Like my female lead in Mystic Skies, this one was also not overly complex, but a bright young girl on her way to learning who/what she was both as a person and a woman.

I’d like to revisit K at some point, properly, as well as the other characters I had penned in Ne’er the Rose. I sort of feel bad to have left her hanging with her life at an upcoming crossroad. Not that I don’t feel bad for leaving a great bunch of readers with half a story, because I do.

Maybe I’ll find the time to write K and the others again. I know I enjoyed doing it the first time around. But, till then, here’s a little dream sequence of K from NtR.

I guess this is the month of reminisce for me? LOL


It was red, all of it, every inch of the shimmering blaze in the distance. A haze. Waves of glowing light like a fire or, sweltering mists. She wasn’t sure. She could feel its warmth, a growing heat spreading over her skin.

The fiery mirage faded, replaced by cool refreshing streams, gentle touches and soothing sounds. A soft voice cooed in her ear. Endless whispers. Loving whispers.

And, then they were gone.

The loss distressed her. She searched for them, struggling wildly till they returned, gentle and light against her skin.

Warm lips brushed her cheek and whispered to her again. “No.”

And it all began to spin, round and around, the haze, the fiery mist, the sounds, moving away with furious speed, her body spinning with the pressure, so fast, so sudden, till she forgot the voice, the touch. 

She was standing in the dark now.



The scents around her filled her senses, they were mild and fragrant, strong and overwhelming. Confusing. She looked around and saw nothing. Only darkness.

A beam of light flashed over her, and she looked down. She saw it then, at her feet, its dark unfurled petals glistening with tiny dew drops. A single bloom.

It had no color.

Slowly, she lowered herself to the ground and lifted it onto her palm, her fingers curling around the velvet softness. It was so lush and pretty. She smiled.

A surge of wind swept around her. Startled, she looked for its source, her fingers loosening. The breeze lifted the stem from her palm, blowing the fragrant bloom away. She cried out, scrambling forward, her fingers reaching for it, but the wind howled with glee and tossed it up to where she couldn’t touch it. She ran towards it, but she stumbled and began to fall.

She heard a soft whisper. “No.” 

And all around her, it went dark again.

The tears fell from her eyes and she wept, deep choking sobs. Distress and panic clutched her heart, and with it a slow, cold and rising fear.

It was gone. Her rose was gone.

She was alone.


© Anne J. Dias – Ne’er the Rose

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Okay, so M&B alert! 😆



Sorry guys, but I laughed my ass off when I read this part, because how could I have possibly written such a thing in Chapter Two? Just. How?

Which old reader of mine is also laughing at this insane display of mushiness in Chapter Freaking TWO of a story I wrote? This is not even Chapter 50 worthy for me, right? Right?

Screw it. I’m off to search for conflict and things that made readers want to throw eggs at me. 😆

Back soon (I hope)




Look What I Found!

So, as some of you know, around seven years ago, I began a story on a forum somewhere, and had plans to complete it in a sequel, when a massive computer crash caused me to lose not just the story, but also a couple of other ones I’d been working on, a ton of photographs, and general household stuff.

However, some of you might also remember that this particular story had been printed, bound and presented to me that year at Christmas by the huz with a note encouraging me to publish.

I never got around to doing that, because little kids and life got in the way, not to mention me moving on with all my parallel passions, and the Chains that bound me and skies that mystically captivated me, causing me to forsake all others, pander to a rose, and what not. 😉

Also, there was that little problem of me having to re-type the whole thing, because I didn’t have my story on a computer anywhere, and had also lost what I’d posted of it to the forum due to regular malice from a gaggle of fugly-hearted geese hell bent on clusterfucking their way through life. 😆

No worries though, bigger and better happened and still continues to happen, which I am always so grateful for, so that’s that.

But, anyway, all that aside, I was in the middle of some summer cleaning this week, and sorting through old and dusty stuff, and lo and behold there it was, bound and waiting for me so patiently, I admit I got a little teary-eyed and almost called Chan to weep and gush incoherently in her ear about my long-lost story of two beautiful souls and their inability to stop loving each other.

Isn’t this awesome? I plan to read the whole thing this coming week, so I might end up posting some excerpts for you all (when I’m not cringing at all my rambling and bad writing from that time.)

If it gets to be too much, you can tell me to stop anytime and I will. 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone, and big huggles to all of you who’ve been in mine (and Chani’s life) for this freakin long. I couldn’t not share this with you. ❤

Lots of love,




THAT Dress

#RoyalWedding #PrinceHarryandMegan #WeddingDress #MeganMarkle

There is something about Royal Weddings that fascinates me and I guess billions of others. The first one I remember watching was of Prince Charles and Princess Diana as a child. Somehow I expect Royalty to put on a show like this. There is so much of the fairy tale and the pomp and pageantry. But what we saw on Saturday was something quite different and somehow much better. There was such a relaxed tone to everything and though there was tradition there was diversity and an embracing of two different worlds and it was beautiful. But most importantly there was a show of real love for once. Simple unmasked joy and happiness. This is what weddings are supposed to be despite the fragility of the institution of marriage in the 21st century.

Like all weddings the thing that everyone awaits is the dress of the bride. And as always people have mixed reactions but I think on the whole everyone agrees that what Meghan wore was simply stunning!!

What I LOVED about the whole look was the fact that it seemed a extension of her usual style. Since her engagement we have seen her in fabulous outfits but despite protocol she always manages to put together something that is very proper, chic yet sexy. The wedding dress was just that. Its simplicity set off her natural beauty and great figure to perfection. The veil added all the drama and romance and her Prince simply said ” You look amazing, I am so lucky!” *faints*. I also love the fact that is felt so “not trying so hard” like you would expect her to be pressured into. Considering the frenzy with Kate’s dress etc. There was bound to be comparisons and expectations to outdo. But the simplicity of it outshone everything else. In whatever angle you look the dress is pure sophistication, elegance and a study in understatement. Her hair and jewelry was just right too.

I come from a country where wedding dressing is always so OTT and I have always admired the simplicity of western weddings, the celebration of naturalness. I loved that her face was almost bare. Her natural beauty shone through.

Although I was bowled over by the wedding dress what I loved was the sassy Stella McCartney one she changed into for the evening function. She wore one stunning ring, her hair in her trademark done- undone chignon, With Prince Harry in a tuxedo and THAT Jaguar E-type (Swoooooooooon) was such a James Bond-ish finish to the superb day. So stylish, timelss and classy.

The whole thing felt so real. It had love, romance, modernity and just the right amount of sexiness.

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Royal Cake

According to news reports, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding cake is about to send tradition packing with a more seasonal flavor of lemon and elderflower with a buttercream icing, instead of plain old fruitcake. There’s also an auction of royal wedding cake slices taking place in Britain if anyone’s interested. (I am not being offered commission for this post, I’m just being nice.)

Apparently, people who attended all the royal weddings (dating back to 1973) have submitted the cake slices they saved and froze for the auction. And, people are going to pay for this… In the thousands.

So, on that note. I too attended William & Kate’s wedding and I have two slices of their cake. Inbox me for a private auction and a pic of proof of me in my feathery hat nibbling on a slice while Charles tried to hit on me and Camilla gave me a “Bitch, please. I’ve competed with better and won” look.

Anyway… Coming to the seasonal wedding cake for Harry and Meghan, I have to say great choice in flavors. Fresh, crisp and sweet. It about sums them up as a couple don’t you think? Please say yes, because I’ve about had it with some women telling me this wedding is “not a big deal” and they “can’t be bothered with it/her” as if royal weddings take place every day and their incessant lunch sandwich pics are more glamorous.

Although, I think they may have a point. Tiana and Jasmine already got their HEAs and that Chopra chick was at Cannes again. What more do we WOC want dammit?

Don’t laugh. I spent way too much time on FuckMyLifeBook yesterday trying not to get looked down upon for my interest in the royal wedding. – I know, I know, I should have refrained and baked a cake instead, but I couldn’t resist letting my colonized conditioning put in an appearance. 😉

*crickets chirp in the Indian/Pakistani section* –

Aaaannnnd… Moving along. 😆

However… (You knew this was coming)

When I imagine that beautiful concoction of a wedding cake, which everyone will be oohing and aahing over (and saving their pennies for the piece going to auction) I also can’t help but think of…

Who here has made the connection yet? Anyone? No? WHY?

Lemon Sherbet.

Snape’s sucked-on lemons in a paper bag lunches?

The ELDER wand?

Dumbledore’s favorite sweet, Snape never making lemonade, AND Voldy’s death stick? Come on, people!! This is not coincidence. This is HUGE.

Now join me in congratulating Harry, and me for always knowing Ginny got tired of waiting for the dimwit.