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I seek her from afar,
I come from temples where her altars are,
From groves that bear her name,
Noisy with stricken victims now and sacrificial flame,
And cymbals struck on high and strident faces
Obstreperous in her praise
They neither love nor know,
A goddess of gone days,
Departed long ago

~Edna St Vincent Millay




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Think Casablanca, Agatha Christie, WWII Lawrance of Arabia. Think pristine white with a bit of sand. it’s classic timeless and never out of style. Like Ingrid Bergman. Crisp white suit, killer hats, espadrille sandals and you have a splendid cocktail of romance, adventure and nostalgia. I suppose this is a reason why designers go back so many times to the sandy hues and Chanel hardly ever gets it wrong! #chanel #chanel2018resortwear

2k18, Anne

Mapping the Year

Isn’t January going by quickly? I can hardly believe it’s already the 18th. It seems 2018 isn’t planning to let us take it too easy.

I posted something the other day and promised a follow up post. But, I think you all are going to have to wait a bit for that, because I need to get my head sorted enough to write something worthwhile. There is just so much focus on women and women’s issues these days, all the news stories, the debates and opinions, the backlash and anger, and I guess it’s easy to get caught up in all of it and just react, kwim?

For those who know me, know that I don’t dick around when it comes to the subject of abuse, and neither do I just like to pay it some quick lip service and be done with it. The problem is very, very real, the suffering, tragic, the silencing of truth still a reality.

Every victim/survivor is worthy of more than just a token ‘tsk tsk poor thing,’ followed by a half-assed ‘Let’s empower women!’ chant to the masses, that’s mostly self-gratifying and without much responsibility. They are worthy of much more than that. Our acceptance for one, our trust, and most of all our willingness to just shut up and listen to their stories.

When Chan and I were discussing the reopening of DW not long ago, we had a number of chats, and I noticed that how when we spoke about these same issues, or in things relating to them, there was an underlying anger in everything we discussed. Our tones were sharper, our responses more scathing, our anecdotes brimming with frustration.

It struck me then that it wasn’t just the two of us, it’s almost every woman I know, all the women we encounter in our lives, the ones we come across on news channels, award shows, social media and so on. I also realized, this isn’t something either Chan or I are going to be content to just let go of, or forget about. Neither are countless women across the globe. We are all furious.

I know I’m not looking to just rant about “issues” anymore and then set them aside the next day because I don’t think they impact my life.

Because, they do. Every single day. They do.

And, I think it’s time we realize and accept that there’s a lot we don’t know, that we dismiss, ignore and overlook, and not always too kindly. I think it’s time to change that with learning and reflection, truth in discourse, and a better sense of responsibility when we speak, act, and engage. A time to try harder and be better.

So, I guess here on DW, you all can expect a lot about that in the year ahead, and we’ll see where it takes us. Hopefully to a better place.

There will be other stuff here too, of course. Forays into fashion because… Chan. 😉 Fiction talk? Because, how can we not, right? Random thoughts and posts about the mundane, current events, and those quirky things that take our fancy from time to time.


I know my co-author here has been clacking away at her keys and diving headlong into history, which we know is where she kicks some serious ass. So, hopefully she’ll let us know how that’s going, or how she manages to do that and everything else too, and now with two adorable puppies. ❤

As for me… Am I writing?

Well, I never stopped, so…

More on that later. 😉

Much love,